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Highlights of an Oh Me Oh My Wedding – Liverpool Wedding

I want to tell you alllll about this epic Oh Me Oh My Wedding, Jeeeeese this day was NUTS, what do you get when your couple fly back to the brides hometown from living in the Middle East and literally wanna throw an mad, rad and insanely loud party…

Well you get blinking magic and a weddinging hangover of the year the following day. (FYI, us togs call it weddinging hangover because we feel drained and like we’ve been beaten up, plus it was a double header weekend ????)

Niki and Scott, my dreamboats in literally every sense, from the first time i finally got to chat with them on zoom, long after they booked me (yeah thanks covid) i think i fell a little bit in love with them. Also, i mean, have you seen how good looking they are?? Like totally ???? right? And what a smoking venue too!

So Niki opted to get ready at a local hotel, it was honestly the most chilled morning, how there weren’t tears when Niki put on her bespoke gown I’ll never know. She chose to walk with mum, dad and sister down to their wedding venue of Oh Me Oh My, where Scott was waiting at the end of the beautifully styled aisle with their humanist celebrant, the ever wonderful, the ever vibrant Wendi. Let’s just say… tequila shots being given by Wendi to Niki and Scott mid ceremony…..Vibe!!!!

…..Enter the loudness, the madness, the Hardcore Horns, who, had been hiding on the balcony overlooking the guests throughout the whole ceremony, until they burst into an explosion of song, with guests up dancing, they lead Niki and Scott outside (see my reels on insta for BTS) for a super colourful and quirky confetti throw before embarking on a street party trundling through the streets of town.

The horns beeping, the full on party, the wind blowing a gail whipping the hair magically into wisps… just pure magic.

So for couples portraits, We wandered the streets together, we let loose with smoke bombs.

We laughed hysterically at speeches, ate the best curry, took rooftop liver bird skyline pictures and my god did we party! One thing i will say, this venue truly is magical.

If you too are planning a wedding at oh me oh my liverpool and want to look this epic, then you know what to do. GET IN TOUCH RIGHT HERE NOW!

So here’s some highlights of their EPIC … literally EPIC day!


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