An industrial wedding at Trafalgar Warehouse, Sheffield

 An Inner city modern and industrial wedding in Trafalgar Warehouse Sheffield

Let’s just talk about Trafalagar Warehouse in Sheffield for a second, i mean have you seen it?

I remember getting the very first enquiry for a Trafalgar Warehouse Wedding and honestly i was terrified, i mean i was soooo stoked and excited by it, but i’d never shot an inner city urban industrial wedding like this before. But anyway that’s where we grow isn’t it, that’s where we create magic when we are forced to be outside of our comfort zone, BOY was i glad i was pushed outside of this comfort zone.

Why i hear you say?! Because i fell in love, crazy in love with this vibe and instantly knew where i wanted to rechannel my heart and desire for the types of weddings i now wanted.

So let’s talk a little bit about Weddings at Trafalagar Warehouse itself for a while, you know rather than waffling about myself, because honestly it’s the most perfect, alternative wedding venue for a truly quirky and modern wedding.

It’s full of insane industrial urban vibes boasting glass, concrete beautiful 1930’s industrial venue and events space in the heart of Sheffield City Centre. With white washed walls, natural light and stunning industrial features, riveted columns and beams, glass block walls and concrete floor, and right next door to a nightclub called corporation with utilisation of the most insane graffiti artwork courtyard.

I absolutely love the gritty industrial retro vibe of Trafalagar warehouse, and also where it’s situated in the middle of sheffield city centre, with grafitti art and cool RAD pubs and bars a stroll away, shutters and industrial doors and bars a plenty on every road you turn, you are not short of being able to create gritty, edgy photo opportunities.

So here’s the thing, Trafalagar warehouse in Sheffield attracts the cool kids, the couples who are not afraid of planning a day truly authentic to themselves. Weddings at Trafalagar Warehouse can be as whacky bold and insanely creative as you want, or simply paired back and that too is enough. But one thing is for sure, this is the place for Creative and Modern Urban Wedding Photography. Quite possibly now, my most favourite wedding venue outside of shoreditch!

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