Modern barn wedding at the Giraffe Shed in Mid Wales

A very quirky and unique wedding barn

Here’s the thing, i’ve been lucky enough to go the Giraffe Shed on many occasions now, for many different reasons. Styled shoots, workshops, real weddings and each every time i get to the Giraffe Shed there’s something new to see. I actually did one of the first ever styled shoots there, and gosh it was dreamy (way back before even the toilets were in or the bar). Every single time i get an enquiry for a Giraffe Shed Wedding i honestly do a little happy dance in side. It is literally up there as one of my all time favourite wedding venues, yes you heard that…. all time favourite!!!!

The Giraffe shed is probably the most versatile venue i think i’ve ever come across, one barn that turns from ceremony to reception to evening do seamlessly. Here’s the thing about the Giraffe Shed you can dress it up the max in literally ANY style, i’ve seen neon weddings, floral country garden weddings, festival weddings, gothic drama, retro weddings just to name a few, but on the flip side you can literally just leave it as it is, it’s charm is enough beauty all on its own. This really is the most perfect wedding venue for you to do you, for you to inject your true authentic selves into every aspect of your day.

Han and Neilo who own the Giraffe Shed are literally magical, designed and mostly built by their hands, it really is perfect, with light in abundance coming through and creating drama… drama is an understatement actually. The light allows you to play and dance with the shadows in this heptaganol place of joy.

For me personally i could never get bought of this stunning venue, and i personally feel it depicts everything that a modern day wedding should be about.

So if you are looking for an authentic and quirky venue that allows you to fulfill all your wedding dreams, then, well, this is simply it. Congratulations you’ve found the one, and you’ve also found your perfect wedding photographer to come with you to the Giraffe Shed.