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Outdoor Festival Wedding in the rain // London

As a modern festival wedding photographer, one of my most favourite things EVER is a bride / couple that just embrace our unpredictable UK weather, i personally love it, sure i hate getting wet, but you know, look at the magic, the story telling, the cuteness, the awesomeness of this embrace. This couple were magical, they wanted an outdoor ceremony for the festival wedding… it always rains at a festival right?! so why not feel the festival vibes authentically.

Now. i’m not saying if it is a wild torrential rain turning everything into a mud bath to still go ahead with the outdoor ceremony, but infrequent drizzle and freak downpours predicted… go for it, embrace it, soak in the moment, and remember that you are getting married for you, who cares what your guests think, give them some brollies and all will be good. In fact, it’ll be more memorable!

This day was one of the most magical and most free spirited weddings i think i’ve ever shot, although there’s a schedule it’s not pushed like you’d have at a wedding venue, everything is relaxed, fun, and embraced by all, the dogs all running free and enjoying the celebration too, even helping with that transition down the aisle. It’s truly magical and very refreshing to see and to embrace.

I feel super blessed that i get to hang with couples who have amazing days like this, this truly is what i dreamt of when i said this was what i wanted to do!

Now let’s show you some of Paps and chick, and their awesome day.


Alternative back garden festival wedding - London

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