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Are you considering a high fashion style wedding? or a boho/glam Ibiza extravaganza?

You’ve found yourself here drawn in by an epic image you’ve found on pinterest, or by googling high fashion weddings, or Middleton Lodge weddings, or boho weddings right? Don’t click off i’m glad you’re here!

So this was shot in the shit show of 2020, where weddings didn’t happen so we were forced to get creative to a) keep our skills fresh, b) stop ourselves from going insane c) keep awesome content out there so you babes can find us and find your photographer.

Middleton lodge is simply stunning, it’s the first time i have had the pleasure of shooting there in the Fig House, and oh my it didn’t disappoint, in fact, it blew me away. i actually stopped as i walked through door as it took my breath away (it defo wasn’t the blistering heat we having that day)

A high fashion wedding i typically would say is something inspired by Vogue, but, who said high fashion had to be stereotypical? High Fashion can be anything you really want it to be, providing in my rule book, you are pushing the boundaries a little bit. So sorry, but rustic DIY with hay bales won’t cut the mustard here. Think about exaggerated decor or paid back simplicity, minimalistic in a venue that does the talking. Let’s talk dresses… in fact no… let’s talk wedding suits and jumpsuits, statement jewellery, and statement shoes.

Opt to not go for the typical white dress, the traditional wedding car, the navy blue suit and brogues, push those boundaries!

If you’re planning a High Fashion Wedding, A wedding a Middleton Lodge, a High Fashion elopement or Micro Wedding, a Wedding in Ibiza, Spain, Havana, Vegas, you name it…. if you think your vibe could my vibe then you have to take me with you.

Middleton Lodge Ibiza Style Wedding

Now without further a do, let me show you the images… i know you’re mad to see them right?

And lets be fair.. these could be anywhere, Ibiza, Havana… well anywhere hot right!?


Suppliers involved:

Photographer: Me Jade Maguire Photography

Models: Nat and CJ

Stylist and Planner: Rosie Green

Florist: Daisy hoban florist

Venue: Middleton Lodge

Hair: Sarah Haines

Stationery: Nus ford design

Jumpsuit: Romina Fochesatto

Earrings: Always dream jewel

Suit: Moss Bros

Shoes: Asos

Rings: Cast Experiences

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