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How to use smoke bombs at your wedding.

Ok listen up babes, smoke bombs look cool AF right, and you’ve seen them everywhere and think… YES i need a bit of that. Of course you can have a bit of that, but, let’s get the boring safety bit out the way.

If your photographer isn’t comfortable using them, don’t push them.

A responsible photographer will tell you that they:

a) can burn

b) can stain clothing

c) won’t use them in certain windy or rain conditions

d) will stop the use of them if people aren’t listening to safety briefing.

Now let’s look at how to use smoke bombs at your wedding

Smoke bombs can be held or placed on the ground, they are not be thrown like a grenade because things can end badly. Now i use these in both ways depending on whether you are comfortable holding them or not, for group shots i try to get you to hold them and we create madness, i’m the creator of the bomb battle. Yeah, so loads of photographers have tried to copy, but that’s cool, i’m like the OG and consider myself trend a setter 😀

We can also do them more ‘formal’ where we are just all standing with these in the air.

For portraits i like to place them on the ground (mostly) to create ambience and atmosphere and i’ve done this many many times over the years.

So let me show you some examples of different ways i’ve used them and the different vibes they create.

smoke bomb battle wedding photography with full bridal party at harwarden castle for a festival tipi wedding hawarden pavillion wedding where theres a smoke bomb battle with wedding bridal party having fun with coloured smoke bombs battle abbey wedding where bridal party have a smoke bomb battle bridal party walk through woodhouse barn with coloured smoke bombs in the air modern festival and alternative wedding in lake district shot by the manchester and liverpool wedding photographer where bridal party have fun dancing around with smoke bombsswan car farm wedding where bride and groom drive their vintage dodge through the smoke of smokebombs alternative modern wedding at battle abbey, modern manchester wedding photographeroh me oh my wedding where couple walk through liverpool holding smoke bombs Manchester wedding photographer with smoke bombs at a surrey london festival wedding, where bride and groom do hollywood kiss in woodland with smoke bombs in the backgroundmodern giraffe shed wedding photographer with a smoke bomb battle of bridal party dancing around with coloured smoke bombs in the field

Like what you see? Want the OG of the smoke bomb battle creator to shoot your day? then you know what to do… it’s time to hit me up by clicking here:  SEND WEDDING DEETS NOW!

Wedding Locations from some of these images are:

Oh me oh my 

The Giraffe Shed 

Battle Abbey

Woodhouse Barn

Swancar Farm 

All images feature Enola Gaye Wire pull grenades 


*CAUTION* – Please don’t try this unless you really know what you are doing or are being guided by a pro, these things are DANGEROUS!

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