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Emily and Matt decided to add onto their modern wedding photography package a pre-wedding adventure shoot.

Why i hear you say?

Well why the hell not!?
So lots of my couples share something in common, most of them feel a little nervous at the thought of being in front of the camera, so, there’s no better way to have a practice and build your confidence and comfort than this!
We spent a good few hours trekking through the moors, just us three and their beautiful dog Ernie. Ernie trying to flush out birds (don’t worry he wasn’t catching them and it wasn’t laying season). We just walked, chatted, giggled the whole way.
I honestly feel so lucky i get the coolest couples and that we vibe instantly. It’s truly a blessing to have these magical opportunities!
So now i’m crazy excited for the wedding, which, is at one of my all time favourite modern wedding venues… Trafalgar Warehouse. I’ve shot here several times before, but, feel free to check out my last blog post on this venue by clicking here. So watch this space for more images of these babes!
Take a scroll, i know you’ll love looking through this short collection.

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