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Noosh and Christian’s Relaxed and Modern Wedding at Mill Farm, Cambridgeshire

Welcome to the highlights gallery of Noosh and Christian’s edgy Tipi, that was a relaxed and modern wedding at Mill Farm in Cambridgeshire! This relaxed and modern celebration was a true expression of their unique personalities, featuring bespoke party outfits, delicious Iranian BBQ, mouthwatering tacos, and delightful treats like popcorn and candy floss. Not to mention, their adorable dog Yoshi was a part of their special day too! As a modern Manchester wedding photographer who understands the desire to be different, I, [Your Name], am thrilled to share these stunning moments captured during this alternative wedding. So, let’s dive into the unforgettable memories and discover why alternative and edgy couples should book me quick, as my schedule fills up fast!

modern and alternative wedding photographer capturing portraits with edgy couple at their festival wedding at Mill fArm in cambridgeshire, wearing bespoke maria lucia hohan gown, looking cool with their dog in the middle. The Couple’s Love Story

Noosh and Christian’s love story began in front of Liberty’s flower stand, where they instantly connected over their shared passions for sneakers, travel, and good food. Their bond grew stronger, leading them to move in together, and soon they welcomed their beloved Schnauzer, Yoshi, into their family. Three years later, in one of their favorite cities, New York, Christian proposed to Noosh in a heartwarming and low-key manner, knowing her aversion to being the center of attention. This marked the beginning of their journey towards their edgy and unconventional wedding celebration.

The Unique Wedding Details

Noosh and Christian’s wedding day was nothing short of extraordinary, embracing their love for uniqueness and self-expression. Their choice of Mill Farm in Cambridgeshire as the venue created a beautiful rustic ambiance, with stunning Tipi’s from Blue Sky Tipi’s adding a touch of bohemian charm.


Modern Wedding Suppliers Involved

A team of talented suppliers contributed to the day’s magic, making it a dream come true for the couple:

1. Videographer – Electric Reel, Georgia Noon
2. Florist – Becky Frost
3. MUA – Lauren Ashleigh
4. Live & DJ music – HFY (The small band company)
5. Cake maker – Bakes by Olivia, Liv Hill
6. Chris’ suit – Reigner Clothing

7. Food – Taca Tacos & KooKoo Iranian catering
8. Signage and banners – Daydreamer Creative Studio, Tanya Godfrey
9. Noosh’s first outfit – Maria Lucia Hohan
10. Noosh’s second outfit – Jacquemus & Gucci
11. Dog Sitter- Oh Bella 
12. Candy Floss and Popcorn – Sugapuf

So you’ve seen the highlights, you’ve read the juicy deets, now you want to know why to book me as your Alternative Wedding Photographer:

a vibrant and modern fashion forwards festival wedding. With bride and groom wearing pink, groom in bespoke reigner clothing and bride in jaquemus and gucci at their tipi wedding at mill farm in cambridge, shot by the manchester modern wedding photographer
As a modern Manchester wedding photographer, I understand the importance of capturing the essence of your love story in a way that reflects your unique personalities. I am passionate about documenting weddings that push the boundaries of tradition and celebrate individuality. My style is perfect for edgy couples like Noosh and Christian, who desire a wedding experience that truly represents who they are.

Noosh and Christian’s edgy Tipi wedding at Mill Farm was an unforgettable celebration of their love, style, and individuality. From the modern and relaxed atmosphere to the alternative outfits and delectable food choices, every detail showcased their authenticity. As a wedding photographer who specializes in capturing the essence of alternative and edgy couples, my schedule fills up fast. So, if you’re dreaming of a wedding that is entirely your own, don’t hesitate to book me, by clicking here, and let’s create extraordinary memories together!

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