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Top tips from a Giraffe Shed Wedding Photographer

I am am experienced Giraffe Shed Wedding Photographer, So i would like to think by now that i’ve seen some of the best and some of the worst weddings and venues across my 7 years shooting, the one venue that always grabs my heart is The Giraffe Shed in Mid Wales.

How to plan your alternative Giraffe Shed wedding

Firstly let’s be straight up, when you book a venue that is an exclusive hire and then you have to bring in a lot of suppliers yourself….. it can be tough, stressful, you may feel like you’re forgetting something important. This is where the Giraffe Shed stands out from the crowd. It’s a stunning barn/shed that stands in the position and shape of the old shed that stood there before it. It has been purposely built and designed, with light, quirkiness and wedding flow in mind. It’s a photographers dream to shoot at.

With a bar (stocked and manned), tables and chairs provided you are already off to.a flying start. The wonderful Han and Neilo also recommend some of their fave suppliers, so it makes planning an absolute doddle!

Plus, did i say it was stunning?!?

I’d actually go as far as saying that this is one of my most all time favourite wedding venues simply for its versatility. You can dress this place up to the nines, or keep it paired back in it’s quirky rustic state. You can go wacky with neon and bold colour, disco balls, tinsel’s, you name it. On the flip side it’s also beautiful whilst designed with florals making it look all whimsical.

It literally suits all wedding styles and themes and vibes!

The latest Addition at the Giraffe Shed

The addition of the shepherds hut overlooking the lake, and black box this year make the venue even more versatile allowing accommodation for you two, and an outside bar set up for more diversity. The new deck area acting as viewing platform is also a dream. It truly is magical.

My latest Wedding there

So my couple, the wonder Jenni and Matt fell in love with this place when they first went to see it, easy to see why right?… Sure covid put a downer on their plans, like it did all couples trying to say i do in 2020, however, they chose to legally marry on their would have been giraffe shed date and then hold their wedding party with a humanist celebrant, who, just so happens to be one of my awesome friends, on their first wedding anniversary. Anniversary to remember right?! I wonder how they’ll do their second anniversary… no pressure Matt! ????

Now I’m not going to talk too much about this day as there’ll be a sneaky feature coming soon, but for now here a few highlight images from their ultra cool, ultra badass, ultra modern, festival fusion wedding at the best venue ever!!!!

Let’s get real!

I am honestly truly blessed to be a giraffe shed wedding photographer and i literally can not wait for you rock stars, you legends, you full on babes to take me with you!

If you are planning a modern or alternative wedding at the Giraffe Shed, be sure to slide into my inbox, and take me with you. As, having a photographer who knows the venue inside out is always a huge bonus. Plus, did i tell you i love it there?!?

J x

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