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I’m so blessed to have had the luxury of shooting at so many awesome wedding venues over the last 6 years, but this one, this one for me is the true meaning of an alternative wedding venue. It’s the true definition of industrial wedding space, and true definition of what a city urban style wedding should be. Yup that’s right, we are talking all about Trafalgar Warehouse, i LOVE this venue… i literally can not tell you how much, there are zero words for it, but i’m writing a blog so i guess i have to try!

As an alternative wedding photographer who specialises in modern weddings, it’s super important to me that that venue matches the desired vibe of the wedding, but, also matches the couples. This space is so unique and so magical that you can literally do ANYTHING you want to it, or do absolutely nothing at all at the industrial art deco vibes are the vibe in itself!

Here’s my top 10 things i love about Trafalgar Warehouse, and you should too:

1) The floor tells a story of wildness, madness, and creates a magical vibe

2) the light bursting through the HUGE windows create drama

3) The rustic brick, and glass brick windows create the perfect juxtaposition for formal group pics

4) The space is huge so you can have a shit load of guests

5) The use of the quirky graffiti layered court yard is a wonderful bonus outdoor space

6) The long. dark entrance corridor almost creates a sense of wonder and mystery as to where the journey will end

7) you can use confetti indoors here

8) It seems there’s literally no rules!

9) It’s a perfect blank canvas to create anything you can dream of

10) It’s the perfect location to go for a little adventure for our couples shots.

So now… who’s getting married here?! if this is you then YOU NEED to message me with your wedding deets….


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