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 Modern Manchester Wedding Photography and what’s new around here!

Well here we are, it’s been a long time coming and i’ve finally launched a brand spanking new website with some super awesome changes and new directions to service my clients in very different ways. You see i do Modern Wedding Photography in Manchester for super cool, quirky, alternative, anti-traditional couples.

You know all this already, yeah i know, but i wanted my website to be truly representative of this!

For those couples or people who have followed me for a while, some of this won’t be new what i tell you, so for those newbies here it is, here’s something raw and from the heart.

The bit from the heart

I class myself as a deeply spiritual person, and i firmly believe in the power of manifestation, law of attraction, shaping your future, crystals, reiki healing, Tarot, meditation, so on and so forth. You’re getting the picture right!?

Am i bonkers?

Now i’m very aware that some people class this as being totally crackers, but that’s fine, i am me and you are you…. but i built this business on the power of manifestation, understanding my life paths, damn hard work to get there, and i continue to use it wisely, i always have and i always will.

This is exactly why i re-launched my business, yes i’m still under the same name (for now) but i felt that my previous website lacked my true self, it felt a little disjointed from the true person that i am, the little whacky introverted extrovert, a little out of touch with my soul, my values and the types of clients that fill my heart with my magic and complete joy.

Let’s think about a wedding…for a moment…

We dream… we plan… we create what is aligned fully with our heart. Right?! you are using manifestation to create your magical amazing day! Ok it may not be manifestation like we know it, but, you dream, you imagine, you BELIEVE, create and live the experiences through your journey and is why i wanted to shape totally amazing and unique experiences. I wanted to offer you absolute darlings something more magical, bringing you the magical and most cherish memories captured forever that invoke true emotion to the wedding you manifested!

With this re-launch,  i have taken a lot of time to look over my workflows, what works and what doesn’t, with this i made a HUGE decision. Last year was our first year of normal weddings again following covid, i crammed two years worth of weddings into one wedding season and it nearly killed me. (literally).  I have sat with this and mulled over this and decided that i am now hugely capping the amount of weddings i take on each year.

This means that i can offer a more unique and magical experience to my clients who want modern wedding photography in manchester, or well, anywhere in the UK or abroad to be honest.  Albeit with slightly higher package prices, but this truly means a one of a kind experience.

So what have i done!?

Apart from shaping a business into the place to be, the place where you need to book super quick for prime dates because they are snapped up speedily….

  • I have built an exclusive wedding tribe
  • My packages are unique and magical 
  • The available dates are hugely limited (you can see how many more i can take on through my countdown timer on pricing page)
  • You can pick my brains whenever you want
  • Unlimited support
  • There’s now the option for speedy edits
  • Options for super swanky add ons
  • We now have Options for longer coverage for them real ‘full day’ requirements
  • Choices  for even more coverage with second shooters in set packages
  • Juicy discounts for prints with certain packages
  • Some packages include my little pink book
  • You an choose to buy the little pink book if it’s not in your package
  • Options to create totally BESPOKE with ease

There is also more very VERY exciting things coming too this year, many more extra add ons, some that will blow your mind, but, i don’t want to give all this away just yet, so watch this space!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the new site, let me know any improvements you think i need, or anything else you would love to see in my packages, or ways of working.

For now though, take a good look around, and don’t forget if you are tying the knot… you need to be part of the exclusive tribe so send me your deets here…

Modern manchester wedding photographer launches exclusive wedding tribe

Featured image from oh me oh my.  alternative wedding photographer in manchester and london, unique wedding at battle abbey with smoke bomb battles

Featured image fromBattle Abbeyalternative wedding photographer in manchester and london, unique wedding at battle abbey

Featured image from Battle Abbeyliverpool wedding photographer, confetti tunnel outside of ohmeohmy

Featured image from oh me oh my. 

glencoe elopement wedding photographer, destination wedding in the mountains in winter for rockers

Featured image from St Marys Wedding Space

trafalgar warehouse confetti tunnel inspired by fleetwood mac and rockers, manchester alternative and modern wedding photographer

Featured image from Trafalgar Warehouse

So if you are looking for modern wedding photography in manchester or just generally wedding photography for you cool, relaxed epic wedding, then i need to hear from you. Click here to check availability! 

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