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How to select your wedding photographer

You’re here because you want to know how to select your wedding photographer. Well you’ve landed on the right page, i’m going to tell you all you need to know.

Step 1: the pre-work

So hopefully you’ve decided on a budget and your venue, and in an ideal world you’ll have your venue booked too (it’ll be super hard to book a photographer without your date set in stone) If you haven’t got all your planning details figure out yet, you can click here to read more info and advice for planning a wedding.

Step 2:

Firstly decide on the type of photographer you want, is it a relaxed, intimate, loud, alternative, edgy, dark, mood, light, airy – explore instagram and look at loads of photographers and sit and look through what you like about them.

CAUTION – you will be making a huge mistake if you select your photographer solely on the price of their packages!!!!!

Step 3:

So you’ve figured out the type of images you like, now sit back and think:

Does this really suit me and my partners personality?

Does this really suit my type of wedding?

Step 4:

You’ve got your vibe figured out, your budget figure out. Now it’s time to shop your short list, you’ve created your list of photographers, you need to figure out what you really want for you money. Do you value quality of images, or time at the day, or an overall package with add ons. Remember too, if you have a favourite photographer already just ask them for the extras you may want, i’m sure they will deliver.

Step 5:

Book your photographer, if they aren’t available then ask them for their recommendations of similar photographers.

Step 6:

Shout about your photographer you’ve booked by tagging and sharing on insta and facebook, they’ll love you forever for it!

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