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How to get the best out of your wedding photos

Ok here we go, as a modern and alternative wedding photographer i think it’s super important that i tell you truly, speaking with experience, how to get the best out your wedding photos. Sure enough i work my magic and provide you with pure memories that trigger things within you, but, there’s lots you can do too in order to make this so much easier.

Here’s my top 10 things you can do to get the best!

  1. Get a pre-wedding adventure shoot

I always say a pre-wedding adventure shoot is super important because let’s me fair, most people have never done this wedding lark before, this is your first time so you may be a little nervous of the idea of ‘posing’ or being ‘papped’ all day but you know it’s super duper important to document your day.

By having this, not only do you get epic memories to cherish, you also get the opportunity of a run through, a proper practice run. You get to see how i work, i get to see your personalities and how you interact with each other in a more relaxed environment so that sets me up for your wedding day to hit the ground running and get the BEST imagery straight away.

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2. Time

Allow proper time for your portraits, sure enough i’m used to getting these done really quick, but if you allow adequate time this allows for things to be more natural, there’ll be less of a ‘stand here’ ‘do this’ approach, it’ll be more relaxed, more of an adventure, and it allows you gawj pair a little moment to just breath in quiet away from the madness of your guests, and of course it’ll be a moment to just be like ‘we’ve done it’

3. Reduce them Groupies

Let’s be fair there is nothing worse than all your guests standing outside, i’m shouting names and getting everybody stand in lines. Pretty damn boring right!?

I always say there’s a couple of ‘mantlepiece’ shots you should get, and then after that just keep it relaxed. We can do your full group as your confetti image, we can snap super informal groups through the day. But, if you are dead set on groupies, i cap these at 10, trust me you’ll thank me so much for this later on!

4. Go for a second

Double trouble baby… only joking! in all honesty this is probably my biggest recommendation, i guess i should really have put this as number 1. Here’s the thing i can’t be everywhere at once, yet having a second shooter ensure the extra coverage, the extra pair of eyes on the things you didn’t see, the madness with your guests whilst your getting your portraits done. Two different perspectives as you walk down the aisle, one focussing on you and one focussing on guests.

This also means i have more time to focus on you and telling your story, i don’t have to flit between you and all wander around all your guests to constantly keep an eye on what’s going on. This way you get the FULL story. This one with each partner during prep, and staying right through until late… can you imagine what magic you’ll get!

This whilst another investment, is small in relation to the cost of your wedding photography and it provides you with double the images. Got to be worth it right!

5. Splash the cash on them midnight hours

Oh those later hours, they are bliss! When you book them longer hours what do you get? the madness.. those drunken moments, them shots, the shapes being thrown on the dancefloor, those memories that you will probably never remember because let’s be fair you’ll be smashed!

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6. The confetti moments

You’ve seen those dreamy image filled with thick confetti images and you really want this, well listen up, i wholeheartedly agree. Now the thing is i can’t create this without you magicing up the confetti madness, so top tip, budget for one handful per guest than triple it. And why not think about a few confetti cannons, give them to your bridal party/groomsmen and it’ll look INSANE. The rest is up to me, i can orchestrate it to get the best out of this unreal moment. But one thing’s for sure, never ever pass this one up!

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7. Plan a chilled out day

Of course we all need a relative timeline, we need to know what time your getting married and what time your food is and whether you’re doing speeches (if at all) before or after food. But, where’s the need in running your wedding like a military operation? Now some venues have brilliant wedding planners who orchestrate your day exactly like this, but surely you want to enjoy your day, get swept up in the magic of moment, breathe?!

That’s why i always so just go with the flow, embrace your magic, embrace every second of your madness.

The best moment to do confetti is when you walk back up the aisle, as long as i know your venue allows this and you want it, i’ll quickly arrange it with your celebrant. It’s so much easier than herding your guests outside when all they want to do is drink!

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8. Go unplugged

There is nothing worse than you walking down that aisle and all i see is it being lined with phones and ipads… this completely RUINS and i mean RUINS them first images when you lock eyes, the first moments your guests see you, them first moments you leave as a married couple. Why do you want this?!? you are paying me a huge amount of money to get the best images of your day so why do you want crappy phone pictures?! sorry for the tough love, but you can have crappy phone pics throughout the day.

Let your guests… in fact no… force your guests to be in the moment, get off them socials, get into real life. Enjoy what they are witnessing and now part of.

All we do is we tell your celebrant you are going unplugged and he/she will announce this.

You’ll seriously thank for me it!

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9. Go with the flow

Honestly babes listen up, sh*t happens on your wedding day right… but just go with the flow. i know it’s the biggest and best day of your lives to date, but don’t get hung up on the little details. Try your best to not to panic. Besides i’m here to help you through every part of the day, after all i’m the only supplier who is physically with you from prep to late.

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10. Trust me as your photographer

Can not stress this one enough, but i’m sure if you’ve got this far you are well on to trusting me and bagging me as your photographer. It’s super important you allow me to do the thing you’re paying me a decent whack for. Of course if there’s something you specifically want i’ll do my best to get that image in that special location, but trust me… i’ve done this before. And the best images come when i have full creative freedom, after all, we will have already done a pre-wedding adventure shoot, exchanged a million emails and calls, stalked each other on insta for a year or more, so i’m super up to speed on what you makes you tick.

If you want magic there’s just two things you need to do…

BOOK ME and then TRUST ME!

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So there you go babes, that’s how to get the best out of your wedding photos. Now let me guess, you know i can help you do this so you want to check my availability? You can do that by clicking here! 

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Over and out babes

J xx

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