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5 Tips for planning Your Alternative Wedding

Are you and your partner ready to shatter tradition and create a wedding that mirrors your one-of-a-kind style? For those who are craving an extraordinary, modern alternative wedding, maybe even in the vibrant city of Manchester, your search ends here. As a wedding photographer specialising in capturing the unconventional love stories, here’s my five top tips!

1. Embrace Your Unconventional Vision:

Unlock the door to planning a triumphantly modern alternative wedding by wholeheartedly embracing your distinct vision. Venturing beyond the confines of convention, picture a celebration that authentically narrates your love story. From atypical venues to uniquely curated décor, infuse your wedding with a splash of your individuality, showcasing the very essence of your special connection. Ignore traditions at all costs!

2. Curate an Original Guest Adventure:

Modern alternative weddings thrive on gifting guests an indelible experience, etched into their memories for eternity. Envisage interactive elements maybe like the phone guest book, bespoke keepsakes like crystals, and offbeat entertainment like a live gig extravaganza that will anes.

3. Choose Distinctive Venues:

Dare to venture beyond the mainstream wedding locales and instead, opt for venues that mirror your avant-garde spirit. Whether it’s an industrial haven, an artistry-laden gallery, or a picturesque al fresco setting, the venue sets the tone for your entire celebration. A distinctive venue not only offers a captivating backdrop but also promises an unparalleled experience for you and your cherished guests.

Think Whitworth Locke, The Asylum, Five Four Studios, Camp Katur, Trafalgar Warehouse – just to name a few.

4. Intimate Touches:

Personalisation is the cornerstone of an authentically unique wedding. Unveil your love story through personalized vows, custom-designed invitations, and poignant decorative accents. Incorporate your shared passions, hobbies, and inside jokes into the wedding theme, resulting in a heartfelt portrayal of your relationship.

5. Save Every Moment:

Preserving the kaleidoscope of memories from your special day is of the utmost importance. To ensure each treasured instant is exquisitely encapsulated, contemplate enlisting the talents of an experienced and innovative wedding photographer. As a Manchester-based maestro in modern alternative wedding photography, my expertise lies in immortalizing candid instances and crafting artistic snapshots that authentically capture your essence. By trusting me with your wedding photography, you secure a collection of visuals that will evoke emotions for generations to come.

Let’s capture the very soul of your modern alternative wedding and safeguarding memories that shall endure forever.

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