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Five items of gratitude from the last week

So here’s the thing, i really want this blog on my website to not just be about showcasing a wedding, it’s giving you a real insight into all the work i do, my brain, my ways of working, my life. I think it’s super important that you all get to see the true, real and authentic me! I’ve decided to start sharing five things i am grateful for… hopefully every week, but let’s see!

Having returned from my travels this week, albeit very tired because Jet Lag has got me big time, i’ve found myself sitting here in a world of gratitude for my experiences and the privilege of being able to experience life and embrace everything it has to offer.

I use gratitude every single day, you see i’m a big journaller, i love writing anyway but to pull out pen and paper, actively and intentionally sit and think of what i’m grateful for of that day really helps shift your vibrations.

This is a practice i’ve used ever since i was a teen and it’s helped me through some seriously dark and difficult times. If you want some more information or help with how to do this i’m always available and love to talk this kind of thing!

street photography in bali by jade maguire photographyMy Gratitude of the week is:

1: Returning home from my travels to cuddle my fur babies (Bella and Lily the cheeky sausages) gosh i missed them!

2: Wedding enquiries, Brand Shoot enquiries, and Family Shoot enquiries landing in my inbox. You can enquire or contact me here.

3: A wonderful gift of a traditional painting we were gifted by our hotel Capella upon departing. I’ll be writing a full blog about this hotel soon, because it’s unbelievable.

4: Experiencing my first holiday to my favourite part of the world with James. He fell in love with the magic of the architecture in Singapore, of course that was bound to happen when you’re an architect (Co-owner of Group D Architects), and also the magic of how Capella formed and constructed every detail of their very very unique hotel. I think he may be swooning over the designer and architect who created Capella Bill Bensley.

5: The biggest of all, after a very very turbulent year, my mum is now in remission. I can not tell you how blessed i am for the NHS and for strength of my mum for pulling herself through the hardest year of our lives.

What are you grateful for as you reflect upon this last week? Feel free to leave your gratitude below… i’d love to hear and read it!

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