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What is the booking process?

It’s quite a simple process to book with Jade Maguire Photography, some brides and grooms book me without meeting me where we then arrange a meeting shortly after, others we sit down, grab a coffee and have a good old chat, show you some albums and samples and we take it from there.

If you aren’t local then this can be done via telephone or Skype. Once you have decided to book me, I charge a £500.00 booking fee to secure your wedding date for a photography only package and £700.00 for photo and film.

No wedding date is secure without this non-refundable booking fee. I have a small booking form which I require you to fill out, in addition to a contract for you to sign.

How far in advance do you book?

Typically I book 12-18 months in advance.

I do often have shorter availability for mid-week and winter weddings.

In order to avoid disappointment thought, I highly recommend to be quick on the securing of your wedding date.

How many images do we receive?

This varies greatly.

I do not cap this at a set upper limit as I’m a firm believer in giving you as many great images as I possibly can.

On average, if I have shot a full day wedding for you then typically you would received 500+ images, if you have secured a second shooter then I would expect the figure to be 700+

I hate having my picture taken...!

Well that’s not a new statement for me to hear…. you would be surprised how many couples actually say this to me.

I spend a great deal of time trying to get to know my couples so this enables me to find a way to capture their images in a non-invasive subtle but rewarding way.

All you have to remember is that this is your beautiful day, where you will both be looking your best. The hype of a wedding day is so crazy, that In all honesty you end up going with the flow, and being in front of the camera very very quickly turns into something so normal.

Alternatively, many of couples also secure the pre-wedding shoot, as this is a great opportunity to fine tune our ways of working together, plus you get some blinkin awesome images too. It’s just a great practice run!

How long does it take to receive my images?

This depends on your wedding date.

My contract does stipulate 12 weeks, during the summer season due to the vast amount of weddings I shoot, the editing time will be around the maximum duration.

However in winter seasons you can expect this to be much less.


You can upgrade though for a super speedy edit, these prices are listed in my packages. But feel free to let me know!

How experienced are you?

Great question! So i am > 8  years experience shooting professionally. 

I’ve shot so many weddings over these years, i typically used to shoot 30+ weddings a year, but now i’ve slowed this down and i cap this at 20 so i can give you the best experience that you deserve.

Let’s not forget the other work too… i’ve shot many many family shoots, adventure shoots, and spent a long time doing branding for businesses too.

You’re in safe hands!

Can i have all the images?

Nope! Sorry….

Ok let me explain. I shoot in a file formal known as RAW, this means they are super big files, and only professional editing software can read them.

I cull through this collection, and i get rid of duplicates, ones which don’t look flattering, bad compositions, ones with eyes closed etc. This then leaves me with the images i decide are now editable.

At this point i work through my magic, putting my signature style on your images to create the images you see in my portfolio.

I will then export these back into JPEG and upload to your gallery.

Are you insured?

I sure am.

I’d never dream of photographing a wedding without insurance. I have public liability and professional indemnity.

What happens if your camera breaks?

No sweat….

I always bring back up camera gear with me, I have enough batteries, lenses, memory cards, lighting, flashes, and spare camera bodies to cover every eventuality.

How far will you travel?

Quite simply put, I will go anywhere in the world to photograph a wedding day.

Typically my packages include standard travel costs too.

Do we need to feed you?

Shooting a wedding is a very long, hard and tiring process.

Whilst I love it with all my heart, it’s very hard.

Whilst you guys are all sipping your 10th glass of champagne we’ve still not had an opportunity to grab a sip of water or even nip to the toilet :-/

Whilst I do not insist on you feeding me, it would be most kind and thoughtful to receive a hot vegan meal to refuel when you are having your wedding breakfast.

Do you offer albums and prints etc?

I sure do! all my albums are completely bespoke to you, I offer a multitude of coloured and varying fabrics, layouts, covers etc.

This is something we can discuss at your consultation.

However, when you get your online digital gallery it also has a shop. You can therefore purchase professional prints and other products direct from my professional suppliers, which, you can get only get access too if you are a registered business.

How do i get my images?

In a digital world, we all want fast access to the images.

So i made the decision to move to digital only galleries. This means you get an online secure digital gallery, which is shareable with all your family and friends for them to see, download, and buy prints.