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Terms and Conditions

·       BOOKING FEE: A Non-refundable deposit of £350.00 is required to reserve your date unless otherwise agreed due to promotions and discounts etc. Dates are only reserved and confirmed when the booking form, the signed contract and deposit payment have all been completed. Failure to do any one of these result in the issue of a cancellation notice. The deposit payment is payable only by cash or bank transfer. A Full unconditional refund policy exists for a period of 7 days following your deposit payment being made. After this period this is up to the discretion of Jade Maguire Photography. 

·       PAYMENTS: Payment of the balance of the photography fee is to be made not later than 6 weeks prior to the wedding ceremony unless otherwise agreed. An invoice will be despatched to you approximately 8 weeks prior to your event as a reminder. Payment for additional photographs is made after the wedding, when these are ordered.  Where payment is not made in full prior to the wedding date the photographer reserves the right to not photograph the specified event and issue a cancellation notice.  

·       WEATHER CHANGES: Weather permitting, the wedding photographs will be taken as agreed. In the event of rain or snow or any form of weather disturbances, the photographer will make the necessary changes in the photographic session and will not be responsible for any disappointment caused by the weather. However, the photographer will do her best to produce coverage of the wedding within the time allocated to her. For winter weddings the photographer will not be held responsible for night time images due to early sunset times.·

·       PHOTOCHROMATIC ANOMALIES: Owing to reflectance caused by a certain combination of dyes and materials, especially man-made fibres, it is sometimes impossible to record the exact colour of a garment as seen by the human eye. The photographs will provide a pleasing colour balance based on the flesh tones of the subjects but cannot guarantee exact colour match. ·

·       REQUESTED PHOTOGRAPHS: The photographer will honour all photographs requested and agreed in advance, provided the following factors are met: Weather and allocated time permitting, availability and co-operation of the person/s concerned. These photographs must form part of the clients/parents/family/friends final wedding order. 

·       RETOUCHING,REORDERS & PRODUCTS: Retouching, digital manipulation and artist finishing is available to the Client as an optional extra. All reorders shall be treated as an extension of the contract and no responsibility for any error will be accepted unless orders are provided in writing.In the event a product (such as an album) is no longer available a suitable alternative of similar quality will be offered.  The photographers’ choice of an alternative will be deemed as correct and acceptable to the Client(s). Any surcharge resulting from the order of a new product following rejection of a replacement will be the responsibility of the Client(s).

       COVERAGE: The photographer cannot be held responsible for the lack of coverage caused by the bride, the groom or the wedding party not being on time, or by the Church, Register Office, or Licensed place of wedding restrictions regarding photography. The photographer does not undertake to guarantee any specific picture nor incorporate any specific background, location or group arrangement.

·The photographer is not liable to deliver every image taken at the wedding / event. The determination of the images delivered to the clients is left to the discretion of the photographer. The style of photography represented is documentary and as such will be an accurate reflection of the style that is presented at that snapshot of time. Furthermore the final post production and editing styles, effects and overall look of the images are left to the discretion of the photographer with the exception of specific requests by the client to the photographer in writing no later than two months prior to the wedding / event. The photographer will however not make images ‘light and airy’ or in any other style differing to the overall look on her portfolio.  Special requests for airbrushing or cosmetic appearance enhancement will incur a charge of £45.00 per image.

·       PERSONAL ACCIDENT: Any directions issued to clients, their guests or employees during a photographic shoot are deemed to be at said persons’ own risk. Jade Maguire Photography cannot be held responsible for any personal accidents during a photographic shoot. 

·       COPYRIGHT: The Copyright of all the photographs produced is retained by Jade Maguire Photography and original files and prints remain the property of the photographer. However you do receive rights to print your images, share on social media or email but must not edit or alter these images in any way. ·Jade Maguire Photography shall be the sole professional (still) photographer at the venues specified.  

·       CANCELLATION: If the client(s) should have to cancel a booking the following cancellation fees will become due immediately upon said cancellation: Cancellation with more than (or equal to) 100 days to go until the wedding date, the booking fee of £350.00. Cancellation with less than 100 days to go until the wedding date, full price for the complete photographic coverage booked. Where no package has been specified on the booking form, it will be deemed that the client(s) have chosen a package to the value of £1600.00.  The client(s) are hereby advised to take out an appropriate insurance policy to cover any expenses incurred in the event of cancellation. 

·       RECEIVING YOUR PRODUCTS: Your photo’s will be edited within 12 weeks of your event and an album designed after you receive your images if this reflects your chosen package. At this point your will be asked to view the album. Once you have agreed to this album no alterations can be made. You will receive a sneak preview of a couple of your images no later than 1 weeks after the date of your wedding, this will be delivered to you by way of email or private social networking. 

·       GUEST AND CLIENT BEHAVIOUR: the photographer does not tolerate inappropriate behaviour towards her, any form of sexual harassment in physical or verbal form, physical assault, bullying, victimisation, verbal abuse and being aggressively sworn at will not be accepted. The photographer reserves the right should this occur to cease photographic coverage of the event immediately and depart the event. The photographer will inform the client immediately of the situation prior to departing. The client will receive all images edited up until that point. The client will not receive any cancellation remuneration.

·       ON THE DAY & OPTIONAL EVENING COVER The photographer is the only authorised and official photographer for your wedding day, should another photographer be present whether paid professional or not the photographer reserves the right to request the second to cease or the main photographer will terminate photographic coverage immediately.  The earliest the photographer will work on any wedding day is two hours before the ceremony and the latest shall be 9.00pm.

·       USE AND DISPLAY OF IMAGES The Clients hereby allow the Photographer(s) to display any images relating to the Contract and to generally promote the Business in the Photographer(s) portfolio and by means of advertising, publicity material, websites, exhibitions, competitions, magazine articles, and other such media, providing that the images are used lawfully and without damage to the Client(s). By signing this contract you consent to the use of such images.  Images placed in password protected galleries within the website are not available to the general public in the normal course of events.  Other than via the password protected gallery the photographer(s) agree not to resell any image to a third party other than with prior written consent.

·       OPTIONAL PRE-WEDDING SHOOT AND GUEST BOOK The pre-wedding shoot (PWS) takes place within a ten-mile radius of Wrexham. The photographer accepts no responsibility whatsoever for damage caused to/by the Guest Book during the wedding day.  The Guest Book is supplied “as is” and all use is at the client's own risk. 

·       ALBUMS: If prior to your date you have purchased an album package ab album will be designed after you receive your final edited images. It is the clients responsibility to advise of the list of photo’s by name which is desired to be in their wedding album. The photographer will disclose how many photo’s are required to the client around the time of delivery of your final images. The client has 12 weeks from receipt of final images (the date assumed will be 2 days after postage) to provide the list of images. Any requests after 3 months will incur additional fees at the cost of x1 luxury wedding album. If you require any add on albums this can be done up to 12 months after your wedding date. Your images will not be kept any longer than 12 months. The fees will be at the current rate of increase from album suppliers at the time of purchase. The design of the album must be proofed and accepted by the client. No changes can be made after album has been sent to printers. The album proofs will only be altered a maximum of two times before the client must agree the proof. For alterations past the second attempt an invoice will be provided to the client at the rate of £35.00 per altered page.  

·       ALBUM DELIVERY All wedding albums are collected or posted to the customer via courier at extra cost. This fee is currently £20.00. Upon an album being approved this will then be sent off to the printers. The approximate timescale for you to receive this album is 12 weeks from submission to printers.  



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