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NEWS: Branding photography for businesses and bloggers

Branding photography it’s now officially launched!

Ok so here it goes, let’s take a moment to talk about this big term of ‘Branding’ that everybody flings around so much, but how many people really and truly understand what this is? - I can say, and bet, that it’s actually not many. Well did you know, that not only is it important that you have a good strong logo representative of the business, you have content that all links with your logo, you have cool content, maybe even some cool linked up email campaigns… you’re probably sharing away on social media, showing the product you sell or provide and you constantly see your likes fluctuating, your reach is fluctuating… you see sales come in peaks and troughs.

This sounds like you right?

Well - it certainly sounds like me a while ago, and then it dawned on me… it’s alright having all this, but I am the answer… me… I am my brand. It clicked that when people see me logo, they read how I write, they then meet me, they see that I am the link.

So now lets ask another question?

How many of you constantly and regularly put your face out there?

Who really shows their clients and perspective clients the real person behind the brand?

I bet this is maybe something you’ve considered a few times, but never really got round to it, maybe you’re too nervous, or you’ve put your camera or phone on timer, taken a few selfies, thought they look awful and gave up…. Well here’s the secret, with small businesses and bloggers or influencers it is SO GOD DAMN important to be showing the full package, you want to build up rapport with people you don’t really know, they really need to feel like they know you.

Well this is where I come in. Having been a professional wedding photographer for the last 5 years, yes I still do wedding photography, but I had made decision to focus on branding photography for business and bloggers too. Something I have done many a times but never really shouted about it before.

With algorithms changing all the time, and facebook looking and trialling taking things like ‘likes’ off instagram, there is no better time for you to be creating the BEST content of your life. It’s so important that you do not put all your eggs in one basket and focus only on social media as your marketing for examples, so lets get creating you some awesome content.

How can I help you?

Simple - I have designed some perfectly crafted packages for me to help you as one off shoots or to build regular content over a whole year. I don’t do the very staged corportate headshot on the white background with whole arms folded thing you find on solicitors websites, sure it’s got a place, but that’s not me…

You see I am a lifestyle documentary storyteller, storytelling is what I specialise in, so my packages are designed to document you doing what you do, the products you make or offer, where you actually work from, I get to know you and pull your personality through in the images, maybe you are a fashion blogger, so I have packages to work with you taking your on outdoors urban or countryside shoots.

The beauty of this is that you can tell a real story…. I also write about you, I release a blog post all about you and share you and shout about you to my circa 5k followers between my social media accounts. Plus you get awesome content to share and integrate on your website, on your social media.

There is no better time than now to show the world the face behind your unique brand!

How much does this cost?

I am not going to put this on here, instead I will direct you back to by business branding and bloggers page which has all of this listed on there. I am however going to shout about a seriously SPECIAL offer I am releasing for chester business creative or chester influencers… it’s called project 20. This project is all about giving something back, giving back and recognising the unique businesses we have all around us. So if you are a blogger, an influencer, a new bar, a new restaurant, a creative business…a hobbiest who makes something and is selling on etsy… then I want to hear from you. So please do pop me through a little message  telling me all about your business and where you based as I would love to tell you all about project20. My email is: jademaguirephotography@gmail.com