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Highlights of Lisa and Rich // Festival Wedding at Pimhill Barn, Complete with alternative and boho styling

Lisa and Rich - The new Mr and Mrs, what a truly unique and god damn bloody epic wedding day, that oozed originality, and boasted festival boho styling to the max!!!

This day was beyond perfect at the start of August this year… yet again another DREAMY AF wedding for me to shoot, with the most gorgeous of couples.

My day started with a little bit of turbulence, I left with a crazy amount of time to spare like I always do to make room for traffic, but on this day my lovely precious sat nav decided to drive me straight into a road closure for a village carnival parade…. great…. panic mode struck in when I was 12 mile away and every single route kept bringing me back to the same place of closure. I cried on a police man who got a Marshall and then literally…. honestly, no exaggeration, stopped the carnival mid parade, opened a barrier and escorted me through over the roundabout. Boy was I so grateful for this mans epic kindness, but heck was I mortally embarrassed driving through the streets whilst they were lined with hundreds and hundreds of people. So if anybody reads this who was there… yup sorry, that was me!

Anyway back to the wedding….

‘You know what, I always get crazy ass nervous going into a wedding of a couple I haven’t met… it’s that ‘oh my gosh I don’t know anybody’ feeling, but these girls and guys all made me feel sooooo welcome you just wouldn’t believe it. I didn’t feel like Lisa and Rich’s photographer, I literally felt like one of the guests.

So how do I describe the highlights of this wedding….

  • DIY epicness to rival every bodies Pinterest wedding board.

  • Exquisite boho styling in their amazing ceremony tipi complete with handmade macrame.

  • the most amazing untraditional gown I have ever seen… it was silver…. and reminded me of a 1920s flapper gown.

  • the wonderful Rich chocking with tears and emotion as his gorgeous new wife walked down the aisle…. he was beyond blown away!

  • the band…. oh my word they were unreliable, an awesome tone to their voices, crazy talent. Awesome vibe going on!

  • the speeches…. oh my gosh these were insanely hilarious, I actually wish I had filmed these, honestly my stomach was hurting from the laughing. I love a different speech, I mean i hear a lot of them and there’s sooo many that are similar but these were just epic and I’m glad there were no ‘going to bangor’ jokes!

Anyway without further ado…. let me show you my faves of this epic day!

J xx