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Emily and Craig // Highlights // Constellations wedding meets live gig extravaganza

What can i say about this wedding just last weekend, other than…. holy shit balls do these two bloody stunning babes know how to through one hell of a party, and there’s not better place for it than Constellations in Liverpool!!!! Here’s the thing, this was a wedding i had been crazy excited about since Emily reached out to book me, i knew it would be good, but, i was not expecting this. It was jam packed, well constructed, everything about this day screamed this stunning couples true personality. It was even one of those weddings where you actually don’t want to go home, but considering i’d been on my feet all day… and feet that were soaking because we had torrential rain all day, i guess i kind of had too!

When i first arrived at the Pullman hotel, the guys were ready and the girls were all dolled up, so it was all about bants, fun, fizz and getting in that bloody stunning dress. Being collected by vintage campers to take us all to Constellations, met with green foliage, eucalyptus, boho carpets, a had made pyramid for the altar, it was just breath taking.

Now lets talk the reception, actually i can’t because i’d hate to actually have to retell some of those HILARIOUS speeches…. the best men well and truly shocked poor Craigs mum…. yeah, i’m actually giggling to myself now thinking about what was told!

The reception room was beyond beautiful, set up with long tables, exquisitely decorated, with foliage and Edison lights hanging above each table. I honestly was truly blown away!

We finally managed a semi break in the rain to adventure for some pyro fun on the skate park, and have our own mini street party wandering around the area, to come back and be greeted by a hell of a lot of guests…. Emily… Craig, how the bloody hell do you guys know that many people!!?

The evening do, the first dance was magical followed by everybody pouncing (literally) to join them on the dance floor whilst another live band played, it truly was a day of celebrating live music, with somebody new arriving all the time. Then we get onto the madness…. from crowd surfing, to the groom doing a duet making Emily look all mushy, to shoulder rides, mad moves, and a silent disco… yup you heard it…a silent disco. I can truly say this is ingenious!!!!

I honestly want to do this day all over again, but given that these babes got ‘officially’ married on the Friday before… i’m not sure they’d fancy a day 3!?

Big loves - you friggin epic rockstars!!!!!