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Get to know me!

It's about time you all got to know me.

Ok so I felt it was about time you all got to know me...a little more personal.

Some photographers may see this as a bit risky, but not for me, the reason I am doing this is so that you feel you already know me, so I am transparent and honest just like my business ethos.

So drum roll time.... here it goes.... and yes I am nervous. :-)

I am Jade.... owner of Jade Maguire Photography. I would like to say I am normal (or as normal as normal can be) I am married to a wonderful man, who stole my heart. I have 3 beautiful fur babies and live a very happy, normal and very busy life.


How did my photography journey start? Well even as a child I remember getting my first film camera, running round the woods thinking I was a pro snapping pictures of some of my dogs. As I grew older my obsession grew rapidly, I would go for a walk and take 200 pictures, 1000's of pictures on a holiday and wowser..... literally 100s on a night out with friends too. If we were at a family party I would be given the camera as it was guaranteed no moment would be left uncaptured ....
That is where my journey paused for a few years. I had a very high flying career, a very hard, stressful and severely fast passed job as a Health and Safety Manager, I had worked for some huge international blue chip companies and I was extremely highly regarded and respected yet I was losing my passion of life, losing my daily get up and go, I had forgotten all about my previous emotions.

Then I got married, and I was faced with a huge very rare outlook on life that was very alien to me….i didn’t want this stressful high flying career in something I didn’t enjoy, heck it was making me very poorly, I wanted to do something I enjoyed.
So we went on honeymoon and I think this is where I realised my dreams can come true, I had just had my dream wedding and if I can do and that find my happy ever after with love, why couldn’t I do this!?

I was gifted my first DSLR for my birthday off my husband, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened it. I felt like the world was now in my hands!

I very quickly had an eagerness to learn, a desire to want to know what every button did, and I just wanted to become to best. Ok so maybe I had a lot to learn at the time I didn’t quite realise how much, but hey, we need a dream…right!?

I realised that practise wasn’t the only thing I needed, I needed to learn the technical side of it, the rules of composition, amongst much more. So off I went…. I trained with a very very well renowned wedding photographer in the local area who boosted my confidence to a level I had never seen before. I went and got myself formal qualifications in photography, photoshop, lightroom and then very quickly realised I wasn’t going to get anywhere without a full frame camera and some awesome lenses.

My new camera and lenses ….oh my….. I think I died and went to heaven, all my christmas’ came at once.

Anyway that’s enough about my camera…..

A little more about me is that I love to travel, and explore. I have been very lucky in life that I have been fortunate to visit many different places not just the UK but globally…. Heck there’s loads more places I want to get to but life is one filled with excitement and dreams… I will get to these places. I feel lucky to live where I do with the beautiful countryside outside my front door, it’s like a giant play ground. I’ve visited, Zante, Gran Canaria, Portugal, Majorca, Ireland, All over the UK, Prague, Ibiza, Dominican Republic more than once, Cuba and the list goes on and on.


Now my life moves around my camera, I take 1000's of photos every week. Yes I’ll admit it I’m even partial to the odd selfie too 
I am constantly thinking of new ideas to push the boundaries of my creativity. I go to sleep thinking of ideas and drive my husband probably near insane with constant talk of such ideas and plans to continue finding new ways to keep my images fresh and in the public eye.

Now i predominantly cover weddings and events photography in the North Wales, Cheshire, Wirral, Merseyside, Shropshire area and beyond. Having documented many weddings, it is safe to say I understand the mechanics of a successful day. I don't just turn up and document your day, I share the journey with you. Whether it be advice, support, or maybe the quick correction of a button hole...I become your everything, your friend, and the one who helps you remember every little emotion from your day.

I now like to throw away the rule book, I like to create, after all I am an artist. I have realised from being lucky enough to work with other photographers that I am different, I'm not a photographer who just turns up, gets the job done and vanishes at the end of the day. I get picked because I’m very human, honest, friendly and supportive. I really care about the couples I work with and want to make you feel well looked after and supported throughout the wedding experience. As I take the time to know every couples’ plans, I can adapt to any changes on the day to capture what you really want

Before I sign off, there's something else I need to say, a little dedication to a friend I recently lost due to a hard battle with cancer. She taught me to be open, love, be happy, dream, and to live each day as though its your last. So that's why every dream I have ever had, I will achieve.... and will keep living!

Thanks for reading!

 Jade x