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Let's talk confetti and how to get the best confetti pictures.

How to have an awesome set of confetti images

So you’ve probably been searching the internet seeing prices of confetti for 500g and you just don’t know whether you want to fork out and how much you really need to get, you’re stuck between paper confetti, glitter and dried petals, biodegradable and confetti canons, coloured or white or pink or multicoloured, so here i am ready to help you.

i bet mum or nan has said.. .just use rice, that’s what we used to do?

So here we go:

1) If you’re going to go for the confetti photo then buy LOADS… ok not that much that you end up not being able to see any guest on the image, but my guide is that you want every single guest to have a good handful

2) In truth, my personal preference is multi colour, because it always looks awesome and shows up regardless of things like bright sunlight. Usually they are bigger chunks too.

3) Remember the lighter the colour confetti or the smaller the confetti size then the more confetti you will need.

4) Have you thought about buying confetti and then purchasing a couple of confetti canons which you can get cheap off amazon and give these to a couple of guests (responsible ones) they look awesome and give the best reactions. in fact all of my pictures below, except for image 2 were all achieved by confetti canon or a combination.

5) Enjoy the confetti, don’t stress over how the image will look. I like to if we have space, do a walk through tunnel because you get so many opportunities to keep getting more pictures and you get to have loads more fun with loads more natural reactions all the way through.

6) I like to bring an emergency confetti canon to most of my weddings… i tend to bring a big one, and if i feel the group picture didn’t quite have enough confetti in, then later on we will go for a little adventure just the three of us plus a little helper and we will do another fun image with the confetti canon.

7) Dried petals… ok, here’s the thing.. yes the idea sounds dreamy, but they are bloody pricey…. and in truth, they don’t look great on photos… they fall a lot faster to the ground and because they are so fine you don’t get the real definition that you do with big chunks of paper confetti.

So there you have it, there’s some of my top tips!


J xx