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My top 10 ways for how to have an alternative wedding.

How to have an alternative wedding!

So you’ve found yourself here because you keep seeing the term alternative wedding flying around the net and in mags. You know you are far from a traditionalist but don’t know how to have a real alternative wedding. I pride myself on shooting alternative weddings and most of mine are in the London area, Anglesey, Liverpool and the Lakes. Remember though, you don’t have to be an edgy indie person living in the hustle and bustle of edgy Shoreditch to have a alternative wedding. For me the term alternative wedding is about losing the typical formalities and traditions. I actually had an alternative wedding, mine was a full on medieval wedding (no there was no fancy dress :) but it was medieval in a historical real castle, we ate a feast with our fingers and then held and ibiza style rave) .

So here are my 10 top tips for an alternative wedding:

1) Don’t book a church wedding or a civil ceremony, go for a humanist celebrant, your whole ceremony can be tailored to you. You’ll still mostly have to do your legal bit in a registry office, but this means the bit that everybody is going to see is really true to you to break away from tradition

2) Wear a hand painted or vintage leather jacket or denim jacket over your dress. You don’t have to wear it all day, but, after your ceremony you can whack this on. It certainly gives a different vibe.

3) Pick a quirky venue… don’t go searching for the run of the mill hotel. Look for a venue that offers something different. Something that you have to entirely bespoke yourself always gives you the best flexibility to really get your personality shining through. Some of my favorite venues i no particular order that i could recommend would be The Giraffe Shed, The Asylum, Gods Junkyard, Constellations, The Wellbeing Farm, Tanner Warehouse, Ham Yard Hotel, Groucho Club, Barbican Centre, Everymanscreen on the Green, Aynhoe Park, Siren Liverpool, Camp and Furnace, Hinterlands, The Village underground, The Roost and Dalston Heights, Welsh Yurt Weddings, Cornish Tipi Weddings, Hush, Carregwlyd Estate, Just to name a few!

4) Food…sure enough Mum, Dad, and Nan may prefer a formal sit down meal consisting of soup / melon, a roast dinner, and a cheescake for pudding but have you considered a food truck? i’d totally be thinking about bringing in pie van, pizza trucks, vegan food trucks… totally going for the street food vibe and rather than everybody eating at a formal time simultaneously, plan it so the food truck serves for three or four hours, people can grab it when they want. I guarantee the friends, family and yourselves will absolute much prefer this.

5) Drinks… Red or white wine on the table, champagne toasts… you know what i say, get rid of the lot of it. Whack the money you would have spent on that on jagerbombs or behind the bar instead, or have a gin cocktail instead of the champagne… which lets be fair, it’s never the best quality is it so you and half your guests end up with heartburn anyway.

6) you’re worried people are going to get bored… have some large board games, drink jenga, hire a sheesha tent, hire a band to play throughout the day to some upbeat tunes… but i guarantee providing you have drinks flowing people won’t get bored.

7) The footwear… you think there’s pressure to wear heels? a nice pair of jimmy choos?… you know what i say… rock those vans, wear those leopard print boots, wear your Dr Martens. Firstly they will look so much cooler, you’ll be comfier too and finally… you’re wearing a long dress right, so who’s really going to see them. Even if they do, they are your friends and family so they shouldn’t pass judgement… if that’s what you normally wear.

8) The Pictures - i bet mum or grandad has pulled out their wedding albums by now showing you all these 30 lovely staged posed photos of your guests standing in a formal line right? Yes they are lovely… they have memories. But if you are not a posey type person, don’t have formal pictures. I guarantee the images you will go back to time and time again will be the one sitting with nan whilst she’s roaring with laughter, or dancing with mum on the dance floor… these are the images that tell a story… they are the story of fun, emotion, and real personality.

9) The Speeches - if this isn’t a bit of you, then quite simply put… don’t do them. Trust me… guests don’t really like speeches anyway.

10) Just be you…. you know who you are, the things you like normally and do normally, just do at your wedding but on a bigger scale or low key… i can’t stress it enough, just be you!!

And there you have it… there’s some of my top tips.

Don’t forget, if you are planning a wedding like this or at any of the venues mentioned above… drop me a message and tell me all about it, because i just have to come and rock out with you!