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How to get that perfect confetti image!

Top tips for the perfect confetti photograph

Next up in the series of my wonderful tips and tricks is something I consider quite high on the list of priorities. Confetti images wooohoooo!

So I get asked a lot about confetti images, I think there’s often a bit of stigma around them being a little old fashioned, listen up people… they are NOT, they are bloody wicked, if they are done right!

The reason I love confetti images is because it oozes stunning and natural happiness, every couple beams with happiness, you get the hysterical laughter, cheesy grins, and the shocking expressions. I just love the fact that it brings realness!

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bride and groom walk through lots of confetti being thrown for their vintage wedding in north wales - north west wedding photographer

Firstly don’t assume that guests will bring their own confetti, I personally think those days are long gone apart from the old traditionalists who still bring rice… yes I’ve seen it at a couple of my weddings recently. So remember this is over to you!

dramatic image for the confetti wedding photography in Cheshire for this rustic and vintage wedding

You can chose from so many options but bear in mind many venues now only allow bio-degradable confetti. There are a few downsides to paper confetti, they are very light so disappear with a hint of a breeze… not good really. I have also seen some confetti smudge colour off them onto brides dresses thanks to our glorious British wet weather. My personal recommendation is dried petals as I think these fly through the air much better, you can clearly see them on your images, but, don’t be under any illusion that you can get less than paper confetti… the more the better. Yes you will end up with them down your dress and in your hair, but that’s the whole fun of confetti.

Handing out confetti is a MUST, don’t go for tiny little bags which nobody can open, go for a quick fix option so guests can easily grab their quota of confetti and it just works brilliantly with all the confetti falling at the most crucial of times. When guests are using just their hands to throw the confetti you get the confetti thrown in the right direction, naturally people throw upwards for it to float down. It creates a much better image than having people pouring cones of confetti over you.

As a photographer organising guests is something that we HAVE to do, and we have to be bloody good at it. I will always organising and arrange your guests into optimum positions. Normally I would recommend that I would line your guests up almost into two long lines along an area and have the stunning couple walk through the middle. This allows everybody a front row seat and can make the process last a big longer which allows me to get plenty of shots and even if I need to swap my camera / lenses over to get lots of different perspective. I have however had a couple of couples who have preferred the more traditional option where everybody is surrounding the couple and all the guests throw at exactly the same time. I personally think this can work incredibly but couples … listen up… if you aren’t prepared to get lots and lots of confetti it’s probably not going to work the best.

Finally you beauties… put the champagne down first before you do your confetti image, soggy confetti really doesn’t taste good J

bride and groom laugh hysterically during their confetti images for their superhero wedding in Manchester - Manchester wedding photographer
Guests throwing confetti over bride and groom at combermere abbey