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The Secret Retreat - Destination Wedding Photography in Castellabate, Italy

Here we go guys, let me tell you all about this epic adventure I had in the amazing and stunning Italy. Now Italy is one of my all time favourite destinations anyway coupled up with the fact that I am obsessed with Italy and the idea of shooting a wedding there, so when this opportunity came up I just couldn't resist. The reason I chose to hop on a plane over hear was all to do with my vision when I first (all those years ago) dreamt up becoming a successful wedding photographer. You see, back then I didn't really know who I was, I knew I wanted to become a wedding photographer and shoot cool shit (literally they were my words back then because I was clueless), as my years have evolved, I've gone on so many personal journeys, the most noteworthy of which was the discovery of who I REALLY am, you know the true me proper deep inside. The me that's been screaming and beating up my insides to get out... I discovered that my true love was documenting cool weddings, you know the edgy, alternative, indie, bad ass vibes. But... and there's a big but... I want to travel the world doing it.

So why the hell not go on an experience like this eh! It's one step closer to my dream of taking my passion abroad.

Italy for a wedding is the most romantic place on earth, from wonderful and dreamy historic market towns ontop of a huge hill over looking the exquisite amalfi coast, to the most beautiful cobbled windy streets and the breathtaking sea and beaches, seriously this is one unreal location.

If you are looking for a wedding destination and you want to go abroad, I Highly recommend Castellabate. You'll totally see why I love the area from looking at this stunning collection below.

So here it is, my collection of two bloody stunning couples, meet Antonio and Sisi, both from Italy. Antonio even has a rock band which we had the pleasure of rocking out to at an epic beach party. Then there's Chloe and Michael a pair of hilarious stunners who flew over from Liverpool to spend a couple of days in the sun with us.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer from the UK to fly over and meet you at your stunning destination, then I am the one for you. I have so much love and passion for travel, it EXCITES me beyond belief, my heart belongs jetsetting around the world.