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Do i need a second wedding photographer?

Ok lets talk about having two wedding photographers on your big day and whether we think this is necessary or not!

So having two wedding photographers is something which I don’t offer as standard but I always have the flexibility to be able to provide a second photographer.

Why might you need a second wedding photographer?

Simply put, I can’t be in two places at once. I can't cover bridal prep and groom prep at the same time..... (image below taken by inspire wedding photography whilst second shooting)

It’s very difficult to, for example focus on the bride and groom saying their vows in such an intimately romantic and emotional moment, but out the corner of my eye I catch mum / dad or nan / grandad shedding a tear of joy in the audience, who do I capture? The problem is, the bride and groom don’t see what’s going on behind them, but nor will they likely remember if they did see, purely because they are caught up in the emotions of the big day. By having that second photographer present it would allow me as your main primary photographer to focus entirely on you and your raw emotions whilst my second focuses on those natural moments capturing stunning candid imagery.

At other times, two perspectives can just make all the difference to telling the story. Often we tend to only be able to focus during the ceremony on the brides face… imagine having those stunning full length images from the back of the church… imagine being able to tell a story from every angle of your wedding day. The story which you see, and the story which your guests see.  

Think about whether you want every single angle of your day captured - even the bits you don’t see.... then a second shooter is totally worth it

It’s not all about those single moments though, it’s about capturing things you’ll never know happened on your wedding day until i send you your photos. If you opted for two photographers we would spend most of our day split up, capturing lots of different people, moments and details.

You’ll often see a lot of solo wedding photographers stating that they include a ‘second shooter’ as standard in their packages, I can guarantee this is not something I EVER do, sure I advise of the option, but I advise this because I like to be able to offer you beautiful couples the opportunity to have your whole day covered from every single angle. Those photographers who tend to offer it in their packages as standard tend to do so as an insurance policy in case something happened. Sure enough that would be amazing to do, but I am not that photographer. What you get with me from the start is honesty and complete transparency. I have a number of photographers which I work with that are of a similar style to me, I never ever ask my seconds to edit for me as you wouldn’t end up with the consistency in your images, I have a small handful of second shooters whom I have work with me, depending on their availability, these are all photographers whom are experienced and I have worked with on many occasions.

There are some caveats though… You likely don’t need two photographers if your wedding is especially small or particularly short, or perhaps it’s best to say you won’t really see the benefit of two. I will always endeavour to advise on the best possible ways of working to ensure you receive maximum coverage.

Ultimately of course, the choice is yours as to whether you need two wedding photographers or not. This isn’t all to say that a solo photographer can’t make amazing work, they most certainly can, and I do time and time again, but second photographers are becoming more and more common now, our wedding trends are elaborately changing and there’s of course  a value and quality of coverage that comes with two photographers that work together exclusively that might just be the edge you’re looking for in the photos of your big day. We all want to remember every part of our wedding day, even those bits we don’t see.





always remember this is your love story, to love and be loved by all of those around you.