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Zara & Paul // Ryecroft hall

We're having a comic book themed wedding! *boom* *crash* *whallop* *smash* (they're all typical comic book annotations - right!?)

Oh my word, so I was recently booked to help out and second shoot for the lovely Sammi from SJW Photography with this pretty unique Marvel Comic Book themed wedding.

So ok, I'm not particularly into comic books but this sounded uber cool, it's always so nice to be shooting quirky and very very unique weddings. Those weddings where there is always something to look at, something different, something to smile at.

My day began with the groomsmen ( I always have so much fun with the lads), there's beer flowing, stories flowing, giggles, dogs chilling on the sofa and sports on TV. There's always a bit of tension in the air but it's always so laid back compared to the ladies.

There was so much about this day that I was in love with, from requesting for pictures with their lovely dogs during the preparation, to comic book and marvel character button holes, personalised marvel converse, elegant dresses with a twist of apple green, a half princess and half comic book wedding cake, a bit of rain and beautiful heart umbrella, matching tattoos, to life size cut outs of the groom dressed as batman!

There's not so much that I want to write about this wedding, not because there's nothing to write, there is, there's blinkin loads... but I would sooner let the pictures of this ACE wedding day tell the story for themselves. I'm certain you won't be disappointed :-)

I would like to wish the new Mr and Mrs Land, a very long, healthy and happy marriage together!

In addition to extra special thanks to SJW Photography for the booking and also for the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Bob Williams Event Host toastmaster.