Alternative Barn Wedding - Eden Wedding Barn / Cumbria

As a wedding photographer I get so crazy excited when I get the opportunity to release my inner creative child. Yes we get opportunities at weddings, but when we set up our own styled shoots, we get to really get the juices flowing. It was decided that we would create an edgy gothic glam wedding set up, and we really wanted a quirky barn for the location. So myself and another photographer, Rachael of Burton Photography collaborated and set on our way to creating our vision. (did I say that this girl is my Twinnie... a Twinnie I went all the way to Italy to discover... that's a different story right there)

Anyway - Here's a list of all the fabulous and truly wonderful wedding suppliers of lurrrrveee who were involved in this unreal collaboration!


Venue: Cliff & Carolyn of Eden Barn




Lighting: Typical Type




Dress: Legend Bridal 




Jewellery: Binky Bones



Stationary - Grey Starling events




Suit:Groom Hire - Chester




Models: Lacey Anne Knight & Connor Harris

Flowers and Styling: Bizzi Lizzi



Rachael Da Silva Burton

Burton Photography

W -


The Secret Retreat - For Girl Bosses who want to 'Girl Boss'

Ok where do I start about the secret retreat 2017…. I don’t just want to write about my experience of the 5 days we spent there, I want to tell you the whole story, the why’s and the lead up to this crazy adventure.

I first saw this workshop advertised back in 2015 and I was so desperate to go on it but for some reason I thought I wouldn’t be good enough and totally doubted my ability, I thought I would be judged so I decided that I was living in a dream world and I’ll see if it ever comes up again. Fast forward a year to 2016 I remember messaging these wonderful ladies desperate to go on this retreat but I had totally missed the boat, all the places were full. I was devastated!!!! I told myself that no matter what, I was going on it next year! Early 2017 the places went on sale, I paid my deposit and I was literally bouncing around my living room with excitement doing my silly happy dance, my exact words were ‘this will be the making of me’. Rather quickly we were added to our secret facebook group, writing our about me thread… oh my gosh that bloody post, I remember thinking ‘holy shit, I can’t actually write about me properly, all these strangers will think I'm a total weirdo’. In all honesty I can’t remember what I wrote now, but I know it was only snippets of the person I am. We all got talking, chatting away and I quite quickly became close to a lovely chick who lives just down the road from me, she started second shooting with me, all we talked about was that we were going to bloody Italy!!!! Regrettably she could no longer make it, had to pull out, and then it hit me. ‘holy friggin shit I have to get on a plane, go to a country I don’t know, try to find somebody in a group of women that can tolerate me for the week, what if people didn’t like me’ all these crazy thoughts were going through my head. I just wasn’t sure I could do it, I was totally pooing it!

A couple of months before we jetted off we started chatting more on the group, it hadn’t actually been that active other than the about me threads, and I realised that there were a couple of ladies travelling on the same crazily early AM flight from Manchester as me, so we arranged to all stay together in an airport hotel the night before and stick together. My husband drove me to the airport and I couldn’t stop saying crazy stuff like ‘what if they don’t like me or I don’t like them and we have to be polite all night’ I mean, what bloody nut jobs in their right mind would arrange to stay in a hotel, not just a hotel but share a room with two random people off facebook!? Yeah us! And do you know what, this was hands down the BEST thing we could have done. You see I’d booked the hotel room, I sat there nervously perched on the chair staring at the bedroom door waiting for a knock, instead I got a text saying ‘I’m coming to get you’ I could only laugh hysterically. The knock came, I opened the door, and their staring back was my twinnie, both of us rocking black skinnies, and fedora hat!

All three of us laughed, chatted, ate food and then off we went for our 4 hours sleep before our get up for the airport. Not one of us was nervous going to Italy, we felt like we had known each other for years! We were 32,000 feet in the air by 06:30am drinking passion fruit martinis all discussing and doing our homework exercises. When it dawned on us with the pricing exercise that we were F****D! pfft who cared, we knew Claire Andrea and Lucy would kick our butts and get us to another level we needed. We knew we’d figure that stuff out!

Walking out of Naples airport, looking for the glass café outside, we kept checking facebook to see who was there for the first transfer, we trotted up to the table, waved said hello… there was sooo many faces sitting there and the only face I really recognized was our Berni. We boarded the transfer, laughing, singing, excited and nervous wondering what Italy had in store for us. After around a 2 hour scenic transfer with that crazy Italian driving, we made it, two lovely friendly faces running down the steps from the pool to great us with hugs, it was our Andrea and Claire. Hugs, hellos, and whisked off to check in before we all sat there scoffing the first of many pastries and Italian delights, chatting with a bunch of strangers who should have felt like strangers yet didn’t. We had time to ourselves until our first dinner that night, so we all went exploring, wondering round the gorgeous little streets, exploring, snapping away, taking pictures of each other and landmarks, walking the beach, feeling the sea crashing against our legs, it was so peaceful....before deciding the pool was calling us. Boomies at the ready we had our first bomber!

Now I’m not going to write about what we got up to on each day, as I don’t want to give away any surprises for future Bellas, but what I do want to say is that what these amazing ladies have created is beyond magical! I went having already done mentoring with Andrea and many many other workshops and courses before, I was worried that the one question I needed answering wouldn’t be answered, as never before. But, it was, it was clear, that clear the answer virtually slapped me in the face!

Claire, Andrea and Lucy, three amazingly talented photographers, passionate about doing their shit their way, they totally blew me away. We had down time, we had workshops, practical exercises, we listened to stories, we ate, we drank, we danced, we partied like it was bloody 1999, we drank shots, we looked out for each other like family, we had tears because these amazing ladies made us reach so deep down into ourselves, the soul searching, the sun bathing, the sea chasing. Exploring medieval quaint locations with views stretching far and wide across the coast and the mountains, the most amazing styled shoots with the fittest couples imaginable. We were treated like we were on an exclusive retreat. There was surprise after surprise, moments of shear hilarity. Every little thing we did was a life changing experience. I have made friends for life, friends both near and bloody thousands of miles away. Friends that just get you, and friends you feel like you’ve already known a life time, more importantly true friends that have got your back no matter where in the world they are.

This will be the only workshop you will ever go on that will be life changing, this will be the only workshop that you will ever go on that you will come home absolutely blinking shattered, yet so crazily inspired you’ll be drafting plans for how to get your business moving immediately. Not everything that’s discussed may work for you, but do you know what, that’s the biggest thing I realized on this adventure. As professionals, and professionals earlier on in their development we look to the seasoned pros thinking they have all the right answers, when in actual fact, no two businesses will run the same. All pro’s talk about is their personal experience. These amazing ladies talk of what’s worked for them, they are crazy honest and straight to the point, the talk openly of their mistakes, their successes and I guarantee there will be a huuuuuuge portion of this that will resonate with you. So take away from this experience all the things that’s relevant to you, learn from it, reach inside yourself and let go of all your inhibitions.

Now, to all future Bellas, what the hell are you all waiting for… this is something that you have to do, this genuinely is a life changing experience, no matter where you are in the evolution of your business, you girl bosses will all go on a crazy adventure here, professional and personally. You will turn over every part of your business, from pricing, to reaching out, to advertising, finding your ideal clients, talking to them, and the biggest thing you will learn (for all those self doubters out there) that you are amazing, you have what it takes, and there’s a shit load of couples looking for you just like you are looking for them. I for one, wish I could go back year on year – I’m secretly hoping one year we get an amazing reunion… all retreats that have ever happened together! Until that day arrives, I will sit back and be bloody jealous next year when I see 2018 Bellas going on their adventure.

Claire, Andrea, Lucy, Julie, Mandy, and Melissa – Thank you for giving me the kick up the ass to remember why I fell in love with photography!

The Secret Retreat - Destination Wedding Photography in Castellabate, Italy

Here we go guys, let me tell you all about this epic adventure I had in the amazing and stunning Italy. Now Italy is one of my all time favourite destinations anyway coupled up with the fact that I am obsessed with Italy and the idea of shooting a wedding there, so when this opportunity came up I just couldn't resist. The reason I chose to hop on a plane over hear was all to do with my vision when I first (all those years ago) dreamt up becoming a successful wedding photographer. You see, back then I didn't really know who I was, I knew I wanted to become a wedding photographer and shoot cool shit (literally they were my words back then because I was clueless), as my years have evolved, I've gone on so many personal journeys, the most noteworthy of which was the discovery of who I REALLY am, you know the true me proper deep inside. The me that's been screaming and beating up my insides to get out... I discovered that my true love was documenting cool weddings, you know the edgy, alternative, indie, bad ass vibes. But... and there's a big but... I want to travel the world doing it.

So why the hell not go on an experience like this eh! It's one step closer to my dream of taking my passion abroad.

Italy for a wedding is the most romantic place on earth, from wonderful and dreamy historic market towns ontop of a huge hill over looking the exquisite amalfi coast, to the most beautiful cobbled windy streets and the breathtaking sea and beaches, seriously this is one unreal location.

If you are looking for a wedding destination and you want to go abroad, I Highly recommend Castellabate. You'll totally see why I love the area from looking at this stunning collection below.

So here it is, my collection of two bloody stunning couples, meet Antonio and Sisi, both from Italy. Antonio even has a rock band which we had the pleasure of rocking out to at an epic beach party. Then there's Chloe and Michael a pair of hilarious stunners who flew over from Liverpool to spend a couple of days in the sun with us.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer from the UK to fly over and meet you at your stunning destination, then I am the one for you. I have so much love and passion for travel, it EXCITES me beyond belief, my heart belongs jetsetting around the world.


Jeni and Shaun - Whimsical Woodland Wedding Photography in Craxton Wood Cheshire - Sneak Peak

A Cheshire woodland wonder - Cheeky Sneak peaks for the new Mr and Mrs

Being a wedding photographer and getting to document a Dreamy whimsical wedding day, filled full of laughter and romance... is the best feeling ever, and even better that it was in my doorstep in Cheshire. This is a total swoon worthy wedding. Total obsession. Yup I'm a little bit in love with this smoke bomb loving pair of naturals in front of the camera.

Whilst i go work my magic on the full gallery, here's a few sneak peaks to keep the taste buds tickled.... i don't want to spoil any major surprises of their epic day so for now keep your eyes peeled as there will be more awesomeness to come.


Wedfest.... Reidfest... a truly unique and rocking wedding at Styal Lodge - Cheshire

A Festival wedding in Cheshire - Swoon worthy!

Here it goes - it's official, this summers wedding season has been that bonkers it's made me totally shit at blogging. Ooops! but guess who's back.... back again (as I sing to myself Eminem style)

First up is this beautiful special little treat for you all. A Wedding filled full of festival celebrations, lets be fair, what's not to love about festival weddings!! This wedding is the ultimate way to do a romantic ceremony the different and alternative way - the real luxurious way.  Here's my top ten things that I LOVED about this epic day at the exquisite Styal Lodge wedding in Cheshire.

1) Caz and Karl were friggin AWESOMEEEEE!

2) Caz and Karl and all their friends were soooo laid back, I just felt so at home like I was one of the gang.

3) There was Jagermeister for the toast, and yes even gran was seen taking a cheeky shot/

4) Caz is the happiest person I have ever met, she even wore her happy smiley face sparkly trainers

5) I managed to whip the smoke bombs out to play along side the beautiful and dreamy lake whilst we took some cheeky time out away from the crazy hustle and bustle.

6) All their friends and family literally partied like it was blinkin 1999 again!

7) The tables were all named after amazing bands.

8) Their theme - aside from being about a festival was all around 'Kiss' the band. Yes you may now kiss the bride!

9) There were bloody epic fire breathers and amazing stilt walkers straight off a plane from Ibiza, (did I tell you Ibiza was my favourite place to ever go)

10) My child hood crush was there - Danny Jones from Mcfly and his gorgeous wife!  And yes he's bloody hilarious and charming. 

And a cheeky one extra to make it 11) - Caz is genuinely somebody who I idolise, she's amazing. So go check out her amazing brand she created 'Snapp Happy' it's all about being positive and changing your mindset.  

Caz and Karl, I absolutely bloody love you both and your beautiful fur baby Stanley! Thanks for being a dream couple.



Dreamy... romantic... and heartfelt wedding in Cheshire

Romantic and Natural Wedding Photography in Cheshire

So lets talk a little bit about this stunning couple... i've honestly never seen a couple so bloody in love with one another!! 

I'm so in love with this wedding day, in love with the alternative wedding photography i captured.... in love with this beautiful couple.

For once i genuinly have no words to express how much fun this day way, so here's their epic story, a story of total low and romanticism, a short story all told through romantic storytelling imagery. 


The ultimate styled shoot for the alternative and quirky bride - Allerton Towers Liverpool

Alternative bridal shoot - Wedding Photography for the bold

As a wedding photographer we consistently push ourselves, push our boundaries of creativity.... ever wondered why?! it's simple... we LOVE to put our crazy creative hat on to show you beautiful couples how varied and how different our wedding photography can be, but also to show you the latest trends. 

I am a wedding photographer who specialises in alternative wedding photography, wedding photographer in the Northwest, North Wales, Lake District and beyond. 

Here's some highlights of one of my most favourite wedding shoots, complete with crystal crowns, tattoos, tulle, crop tops and sequins. This shoot is all about the alternative bride, as well as the totally chilled and quirky boho bride. 

With special thanks to the lovely Moondome for their stunning crystal crown! 

The laid back wedding that's really YOU!

So this year I've heard soooo many brides and grooms talking about wanting the untraditional... I call these the untraditional traditionalists, the couples who want the true authentic alternative wedding, and boy do I have some bloody amazing alternative weddings coming up over the coming 12-18 months. Anyway... I thought, seen as I get asked lots of questions about the balance of how to get alternative without basically upsetting mum, or making sure nan will still have fun even if you heavy metal band (yes I've seen nans full on rock out to metallica ... so it's possible) I thought this blog post may help you all out.....

Here it goes, my list of super helpful tips for planning the wedding you REALLLLY want, the wedding that has your name written all over it. The wedding which is so free spirited, stress free, it breaks away entirely from tradition, now who doesn't want that type of wedding?!

Take it all In

You will only do this day once... this is the biggest, bestest, most time vanishing day you will EVER have in your life. You need to be able to stop and take a breather. You'll probably be hearing off married friends and family saying 'take it all in as it's goes in the blink of an eye', and they are right...totally bloody right. I literally didn't understand what they really meant, I couldn't comprehend how in the blink of an eye, a day I'd spent a serious amount of coin on could just vanish. Well do you know what, it just does.

alternative wedding photographer captures bride and groom exploring the lake in cheshire

I will be sure to take you two away and leave you to have ten minutes alone together, to breathe that sigh of relief, that full on 'holy shit we did it' kinda moment. I never had that, my day was so hectic, I remember snippets, I literally look back at photo's and don't remember stuff physically happening, it's like I'm looking at a person who looks like me but isn't me. So STOP, you guys have to schedule time for you.

bride and groom walking hand in hand for their rustic farm wedding photography


Only invite the people you really want

Listen up, this is your day... let me say that again, it's YOUR day. Do not listen to your mum who thinks you need to invite the cousin of your great aunty Edith, or the sister of your 6th generation cousin, or even Mable the old dear your moth likes to gossip with in the hair dressers. STOP.. this is your day, only invite the people who you are close to, the people you like, the people you don't have to make small talk with, the people who appreciate you and you appreciate them. I promise this will make for a much more pleasant day with no beady eyes to judge and go and gossip in the salon, lets be fair there's a few peeps around who love it!

fun and quirky bridal portrait at the belle epoque


Be comfortable

Let me tell you something, when selecting your dress be sure to sit down in it for a while and see how you feel in it! I made a silly mistake, fell in love with the dress, it was so comfortable on, until I sat down for my wedding breakfast and I physically couldn't eat more than the first course because my tummy was so constricted, perks of a fitted strapless dress eh!

quirky boho bride for alternative wedding photography shoot in liverppol

Underwear - does the other half want to see you in saucy underwear!? think whether you'll be comfortable rocking a bit of sexy lingerie under your already heavy dress...naaah you won't! sure enough still buy it, but put it on when you go to bed :p

Shoes - so I'm a total shoe addict so to me rocking a pair of killer heels all day was no problem. But, I know there's loads of people who struggle in heels, go be different...if you want to wear a pair of converse or wellies under your dress, or even flat it! firstly, who's going to see!? who's going to care?! it's your day, and do what you want, if you struggle to walk in heels, why put yourself through it, the last thing you want is to be struggling to walk down that aisle when you should be flowing freely and elegantly. BE COMFORTABLE and more importantly BE YOU!!!!

beach wedding bride wearing alternative blue for a rustic welsh alternative wedding

Your make up

I can't stress about this enough, if you are hiring a pro MUA, then girlies... get a trial! go through what you realllly want, what really suits you, I certainly would totally recommend getting a pro all the time because their make up is professional make up, it stays on, it's stay put during the tears or when you spill that jagerbomb on your chin and wipe it away. The lippy can stay put if that's what you want.

bridal prep image from north west wedding captured by the liverpool wedding photographer

Select a make up look that's YOU and one that you are comfortable wearing, so for example when you go out out do you rock pink eye shadow, dramatic false eye lashes and winged eyeliner that goes on for days... Yeah? well great, go for that dramatic look. No? well don't do it just because you've seen a shit load of pictures of pinterest, tone it down. your make up artist will find a good balance with what you want, what your skin tone really wants, what your eye colour really wants, what your new husband or wife may really want and what will look awesome on your wedding pictures for the rest of your lives.

So remember girlies... BE YOU!!!! Go Pro... Relax, and get a pamper whilst you sit back with a gin or a champers in your hand.


The morning prep

Everybody wearing matches white robes saying bridesmaid, and bride is the done thing right? ...

Everybody sits around drinking prosecco that nobody really likes because it's giving everybody heart burn is the done thing right?...

Mum flapping because dad hasn't done his cravat and the make up artist is running 5 minutes passed scheduled, is the norm right?!

bride getting ready at trevor hall in llangollen - trevor hall wedding photography

WRONG... it's only the norm if you want it to be. If you would sooner sit there drinking Gin neat out of a bottle through a it. If you fancy a glass of cider it. Mum flapping... dish her a few chill pills :p so what! my point being it's your day...have fun...why follow tradition if it's not you, break away from the what's you!

fun wedding photography by jade maguire photography in chester, bride and bridesmaid bouncing on bed having fun.


Don't think of guests think of yourselves

Don't think about jamming your day with bucket loads of entertainment because you're worried your guests will get bored... so what, it's your day not their's. Don't feel like you need to be there and be visibly seen with each passing moment of the day, it's YOUR DAY!!!!

Plan things that you want, if you want the giant jenga get the giant jenga, if you want fire eaters or stilt walkers because you enjoy the show...hire them. If you want an epic sax player or a romantic harpist because YOU enjoy that... hire them. But certainly don't be thinking you have two hours to kill after your ceremony before your wedding breakfast and you need a magician and a face painter for the kids, the guests will be bored so I'm going to hire a stuntman for them so they have something to do whilst I'm getting my pictures done for a whole 30 minutes.

Saying that though - a killer rustic tractor photobooth does work a treat :p

photo booth for a rustic farm wedding - north wales wedding photographer


The Food

''I think you should have tomato soup for starters with a crusty white roll and a lump of butter in a butter dish on the table, a chicken roast dinner and chocolate cake for pudding, then you should cut your cake'' - Said mum

Sound familiar? - not that there's anything wrong with that, but lets be fair it's very typical traditional wedding breakfast, which is great for most people, but I know there's so many people out there who like me wanted something different, I mean we head a medieval banquet, guest had to wear bibs... they ate with the fingers or a dagger... now that's a bit of different right?

Or how about authentic pizza from a converted trailer... authentic wood fired oven rustic Italian pizza... Go mad... be you!!! you love pizza, have pizza... jazz it up, have a surf n turf pizza. have a BBQ... just be you!!!! eat your favourite food and make it what you want it to be.

north wales wedding photography capturing bride and groom eating pizza at their alternative wedding.
belle epoque wedding photo


The Party

Dance like nobodies watching is my motto here! Get your DJ or live band to play tunes that YOU and your other half want and like, don't be thinking that nan and granddad won't appreciate listening to hard-core tunes, or mum will be saying she thinks her ears are bleeding from listening to the racket... here's why...

All the weddings we went to as couples, it was full of cheese ball music, and I personally think it's awful, there's no craic at the wedding and next thing you know you get agadoo or chacha slide playing, errr helllll no, this isn't a high school disco in 2002! So we began writing a list of tunes that get people moving, you know the tunes that get the foot tapping, and once that foots tapping we all know what happens. It was so important to us to have a jam packed dance floor that rocked the ass off it all night, so we got smart. We love dance anthems, trance, and well... and Ibiza style rave :D so we started with the tunes that got people going, you know the ones.... as the night moved on we introduced harder stuff and by the end of the night we were full on raving to Eddie Halliwell and yes the parents were joining in with it too...! It worked a treat. Even my granddad was there throwing some shapes. So plan the party how you want it, not what your guests enjoy, write a check list of what's important to you for the party, if you want people to chill out...find clever ways to do it, if you want insane... well do what you would love to see and do!

alternative wedding photography of bride and groom raving


Getting the dress dirty

Oh that beautiful dress that you've spent so much money on, ripped...dirty... oh gosh no how will you ever cope!? Simple... you will NEVER wear this dress again, I get that it cost money, but listen up a dress that's got a splash of red wine on it, a rip in the train from your bridesmaid standing on it in her heels, the dirt caked on the underside because I've got you to walk through a muddy patch in the woodland because I've spotted the most epic location for your photo's, the little pull in it, think of them like battle wounds...the jager trail down the front of your dress....every single mark on that dress tells a fabulous story, the story of your day, the real moments, the funny moments.

If it's still so important to you not to ruin a dress you've spent £2500 on, well maybe re-evaluate your budget, spend a little less and plough the extra money into something else you will enjoy. I'm not saying it's going to be ruined, but in reality, when would you ever wear your wedding dress again, so it's ok to let down your's ok to have's ok let the train trail along the floor, it was designed to do that!

So I guess overall, what I'm trying to say is write your list of your priorities...your dreams, the things you want to see and do... make your day about you, not about entertaining the guests or doing what mum wants, because trust me, on the day... your mum will have just as much fun as you! If you don't want speeches, don't have them. If you don't want to cut the cake...don't do it. If you want to do a first look and say your own personal vows to each other, DO IT. Be true to yourselves and do what makes you happy. Be you... be the real honest you!

bride and groom drinking jager on wedding day, tattood bride for alternative wedding photography

So there you have it, there's my super helpful tips.

I hope that's been a big help for you!

And remember my lovelies...

You are you, so be true to who you are... and stick the finger up to anybody who thinks you should do otherwise!


Jade xx

A Belle Epoque Eclectic wonder....

Kath & Leigh - A true Alternative Wedding

Back in April i had the pleasure of documenting the stunning Kath and Leigh's big day.

I actually hadn't had the chance to meet Kath or Leigh before their big day as this was quite a late booking, but, as soon as i got chatting to this couple over email i was bloody in love with them, and their venue. Sending me a few selfies via email voluntarily .... this couple just ROCKED! 

I turned up to document their day starting at the stunning Rose and Crown pub for bridal prep accompanied by my lovely friend and second shooter for the day Emma Shoemark of Luna + Soul Photography. From the second we arrived we literally not stopped laughing, i don't think i can recall yet a couple that were consistently this hilarious. 

I remember getting into my car to leave for the day, sitting down and being in agony - you know that crippling pain from hysterical laughter! I was actually gutted i couldn't stay all day! 

Mr and Mrs Mottram totally rocked the sh*t out of their big day, they knew what they wanted, weren't afraid to be true to who they are. These truly were a dream couple. 

So thank you lovelies for asking me to be part of your big day, allowing my lovely friend to pop along to assist. Thank you to all the team at The Belle Epoque for also looking after us so well! 

So now I'm going to hand over briefly to the wonderful bride Kath:

Tell me your special details of how you got together: Leigh was a complete player and i tamed him!!! Hahaha!!

Tell me about the engagement: Leigh proposed after a lovely meal out to a drunken Kath in the middle of a roundabout!!!!!

Now tell me about your wedding journey : An amazing venue- slightly gothic but pretty at the same time. Enjoyed every part of planning and have felt surprisingly relaxed (ive probably forgotten something!!?) Keep it personal and keep it real!!!!

Here's to a long, happy, and crazily fun future together! 


Second Shooter -

Wedding Venue -

Bridal prep Venue -










A boho chic engagement shoot in Cheshire

Alternative Wedding Photography - the warm up

When you get told their bringing their dog called Stanley who has a top knot to their engagement shoot, you know it'll be an epic shoot.... i literally was buzzing with excitement, and this afternoon certainly did not disappoint at all!

Getting to explore woodland with a beautiful couple and their fur baby in the stunning Cheshire countryside is what makes me feel so lucky, meeting not just beautiful couples in appearance but people so beautiful on the inside too. 

Caz literally is truly inspirational, a co-founder of the brand be Snapp Happy she certainly knows how to rock real happiness and how to think with a positive mindset all the time... go check out her website or facebook to see more.

Anyway here's a couple of images which are a handful of my favourites... 

  • Dogs with topknots
  • running through the woods
  • Smoke bomb fun
  • Totally free spirited, fun, and relaxed photography! 

Enjoy xx

alternative wedding photography in cheshire
dogs at weddings
cheshire wedding photographer documents quirky engagement photo for boho chic wedding
bride and groom running through woods for alternative wedding photography
smoke bomb fun in cheshire for alternative wedding photography
dramatic boho chic wedding eleopment photography

An epic adventure in Delamere Forest, complete with smoke bombs

The one thing I love more than anything is meeting my wedding clients for their engagement sessions, I totally love these sessions and I think its safe to say my clients do too, and this session was seriously no different.

With sun beaming down on our still winterised (is that even a word...well it is now) skin, filling our bodies with pure happiness and venture through delamere forest for a fun filled engagement session was just a perfect thing to do and gorgeous spring day!

This stunning couple are set to get married next month, May...the month of legends :-p I only say that as I was a May bride too! They are getting married at such a beautiful venue, but hey, i'm not going to dwell on that here....just yet, we'll save that for the wedding blog post.

Anyway - the thing I love about these sessions is leaving with two new friends, these guys were beautiful, a beautiful couple with beautiful personalities, a stunning couple who are so perfect together in every way possible. Seeing these two rock their session, having fun, hearing comments like 'that was so cool' and this was 'such a worthwhile session' just makes you realise and remember why you do what you do.

Here's our little adventure, our adventure complete with sunshine to cheer up a dreary day :-)


Enjoy xx


Owen House Wedding Barn // Complete with cows!

Well here it is... one of the most epic blogs of mine you will have read so far. It's not about a wedding, but more about development and my friggin shear excitement!

You may have remembered me mentioning before Christmas about investing a lot of time and money into developing, well... that hasn't changed!!! This year I've been going through lots of courses, workshops, as well as 1-2-1 mentoring. Why? - well quite simply, becuase as a photographer we never stop learning. NEVER!!! I am determined this year to hit my wedding season bigger and better than ever before, and this fabulous day has TOTALLY set me up for this season.

This blog post is about one of my latest workshops, which was another one of Jonny Drapers bloody marvellous adventures. This was an amazing Wedding Photography workshop set in one of Cheshire's most amazing, quirky, luxurious and rustic wedding venues - Owen House Wedding Barn.

Do you know what, sometimes words just literally can't cut it, so instead here's a list of all the fabulous suppliers involved.

Dresses - by the beautiful Emma of Love Bridal

Suits - and what a suarve one it was too by Whitfield and ward

Flowers and floral arrangments - by the ever amazing Red Floral Architecture

Chandaliers - Luminate Events

Stunning light up letter and heart - by the beautiful the word is love

Pizza, oh that oh so heavenly pizza - by Smith street kitchens

Venue - The truly marvellous and ever accommodating Owen House Wedding Barn (complete with live cows and sheep .. LOVES!!!!)

Make up and hair styling - Sarah Meredith

And a special thank you to Jonny Draper!

How to get that perfect confetti image!

Top tips for the perfect confetti photograph

Next up in the series of my wonderful tips and tricks is something I consider quite high on the list of priorities. Confetti images wooohoooo!

So I get asked a lot about confetti images, I think there’s often a bit of stigma around them being a little old fashioned, listen up people… they are NOT, they are bloody wicked, if they are done right!

The reason I love confetti images is because it oozes stunning and natural happiness, every couple beams with happiness, you get the hysterical laughter, cheesy grins, and the shocking expressions. I just love the fact that it brings realness!

chester wedding photographer.jpg
bride and groom walk through lots of confetti being thrown for their vintage wedding in north wales - north west wedding photographer

Firstly don’t assume that guests will bring their own confetti, I personally think those days are long gone apart from the old traditionalists who still bring rice… yes I’ve seen it at a couple of my weddings recently. So remember this is over to you!

dramatic image for the confetti wedding photography in Cheshire for this rustic and vintage wedding

You can chose from so many options but bear in mind many venues now only allow bio-degradable confetti. There are a few downsides to paper confetti, they are very light so disappear with a hint of a breeze… not good really. I have also seen some confetti smudge colour off them onto brides dresses thanks to our glorious British wet weather. My personal recommendation is dried petals as I think these fly through the air much better, you can clearly see them on your images, but, don’t be under any illusion that you can get less than paper confetti… the more the better. Yes you will end up with them down your dress and in your hair, but that’s the whole fun of confetti.

Handing out confetti is a MUST, don’t go for tiny little bags which nobody can open, go for a quick fix option so guests can easily grab their quota of confetti and it just works brilliantly with all the confetti falling at the most crucial of times. When guests are using just their hands to throw the confetti you get the confetti thrown in the right direction, naturally people throw upwards for it to float down. It creates a much better image than having people pouring cones of confetti over you.

As a photographer organising guests is something that we HAVE to do, and we have to be bloody good at it. I will always organising and arrange your guests into optimum positions. Normally I would recommend that I would line your guests up almost into two long lines along an area and have the stunning couple walk through the middle. This allows everybody a front row seat and can make the process last a big longer which allows me to get plenty of shots and even if I need to swap my camera / lenses over to get lots of different perspective. I have however had a couple of couples who have preferred the more traditional option where everybody is surrounding the couple and all the guests throw at exactly the same time. I personally think this can work incredibly but couples … listen up… if you aren’t prepared to get lots and lots of confetti it’s probably not going to work the best.

Finally you beauties… put the champagne down first before you do your confetti image, soggy confetti really doesn’t taste good J

bride and groom laugh hysterically during their confetti images for their superhero wedding in Manchester - Manchester wedding photographer
Guests throwing confetti over bride and groom at combermere abbey

Wedding planning tips for the quirky and brave wanting a chilly winter wedding.

How to plan a winter wedding

I thought I’d write a series of blog posts, helpful blogs to help and guide you beautiful couples. The first In my series is around how to plan a winter wedding, and I’m keeping this one relatively short and straight to the point, talking about a couple of main key aspects to consider for your big day.

Winter weddings truly are beautiful, in fact… they are spectacular, but they need to be thought of slightly differently to your average summer high season wedding.

I’d highly recommend having a ceremony no later than 1pm, the reason being, by the time it comes to your formal portraits it will be dark. Of course this is great if you are wanting a dramatic studio lit image, however I personally think the vast majority of your images should be the most beautiful natural, that low sun giving stunning glare, with later on into your evening taking 10 minutes to grab a few of those dramatic images.

dramatic ceremony image of bride and groom in belle époque in Manchester for their dramatic and moody winter wedding

The cold

This is a biggy for me, you should think about ways to keep warm, wear a fur shrug or go for an edgy look with a leather jacket over your wedding attire. This keeps you looking super stylish but still keeps you warm. Also, think about your guests too, maybe having your reception and ceremony all in one location may be an idea to stop guests having to travel between venues in the bleak weather. Maybe choosea venue with outside heaters and make it quirky by adding blankets outside, it’s personal, it looks epic and your guests will love you.

winter wedding photography

The weather

Typical Britain we get lots of rain and lovely snow showers in the winter. My advice would be to buy a snazzy umbrella to keep you dry and keep you looking stylish. It doesn’t have to be white like a typical bridal umbrella, it can be edgey and quirky to fit in with your theme.

Next is about selecting your venue, if it rains or snows you should think about your formal portrait opportunities, most people don’t want to venture outside in the freezing cold and torrential rain, so think about whether your venue is pretty inside or quirky and has potential places to do things like your formal group pictures, your couples pictures etc. If it’s cool indoors then great there’ll be no need to drag your butts outside to get these epic images… I certainly would prefer not to brave the cold!

alternative wedding photographer
lake vrynwy hotel wedding photographer, autum winter wedding with dramatic and alternative lighting effects
dramtic alternative winter wedding image of bride and groom kissing under heart umbrella in manchester

A Chester city centre wedding -- Duttons twilight winter wedding

A Winter Vintage Wedding  


I literally loved everything about their day.

The bridal prep was stunning, Emma opted for a vintage glam look with make up by Faye of The Dolls house make up, even wearing a vintage dress, and opting for a vintage car. As soon as I arrived the first thing I was asked was 'can I have a picture bouncing on the bed with my sister'; I knew this was going to be amazing, Emma and Stuart chose to have a church wedding by candle light in Emmas home village in a little but insanely stunning church in Eccleston. It was a beautiful ceremony, with a stunning solo vocalist and welsh readings by one of their dear friends. The candle light added to the romance and intimacy of their day.

I already knew that Emma and Stuart met whilst working at Duttons wine bar in Chester City centre so I clearly understood why they chose to have their wedding venue there. Duttons is one of my all-time favourite places to go in Chester so when I found out they were having it here I was very excited. It is situated down a little cobbled alley in Chester City Centre opposite the cathedral, with roped fairy lights overhead, vines and greenery over some of the buildings it's a rather romantic destination, and It was made even better by their late winter wedding!

Emma is a professional dancer so her whole day was about having fun, even down to her father’s speech being animated by her sister to dramatise her old expressive dance days at university. The speeches were truly hilarious, and every speech was original, they all found ways to involve all of Emma and Stuarts Loved ones, by entertaining, having every table involved in a new version of the 12 days of Christmas, Even her best friends from school surprised them with a take on Mr and Mrs, the questions were wrote as though their young child Albie had asked them! I personally don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at a wedding speech.

Emma and Stuart were amazing, they were so chilled and laid back and really allowed me to get creative. Having already conducted an engagement shoot with them it made it even easier to work with them as we already had a special working relationship and understanding of another.

Living in Chester they were both keen to get their images located in the famous hot spots of Chester, I’m in love with how these images turned out, night time images in front of the Grosvenor Hotel, on the clock tower and much more, just left me thrilled and excited all the way through their wedding!

Now lets hear what the beautiful bride had to say:

“We met at Duttons, the wine bar Emma worked at from the age of 15 and our reception venue. Stuart was a manager and dating staff wasn’t allowed but we fell for each other and Stuart left so we could be together.

The engagement also occurred at Duttons during a reopening event after refurbishment. We were living in the lakes at the time and Emma not knowing obviously made us late because she needed to eat a services on the way. Trust Emma to be late to her own engagement! Stuart got down on one knee with some of our closest friends watching and asked for Emma to marry him.

Our wedding planning journey was rather a long one for two reasons firstly we wanted to make sure we could afford the wedding and we had a baby boy! We began by wanting to get married in the autumn and planned an entirely different wedding 3 years ago. After having our son we realised how important it was to have a wedding that represented us as a family and our journey so far so we shifted time of the year, to winter and reception venue and im so glad we did! Emma had found the dress before having Albert and was very pleased to still fit in it afterwards. The dress very much informed the style of the rest of the wedding, 20s vintage glamour.

In each part of the planning we kept ensuring that everything was personal to us from having readings in English (Emma) and in Welsh (Stuart) to Poppy seeds as favours at our dogs name is Poppy.

We got married in the church Emma grew up attending and was a part of the church choir by candlelight, one twelfth night, surrounded by our family and friends, what could be better!

Best bit was holding hands and saying our vows together and truly becoming a family!

Emma and Stuart have given some advice for brides planning their wedding day. Do what you can afford, there are always ways to make things cheaper and maintain quality! If people make a fuss over invites, it’s probably not worth having them there! Do it in a way that is personal to you as a couple and forget what’s 'supposed' to happen! It’s a big party...make it fun! And most importantly remember it’s about you marrying the person you want to spend your life with and nothing else!

Special thanks to the new Mr and Mrs Thomas for booking me as their wedding photographer, I had an absolute blast at their wedding. I wish you both all the happiness in the world!




Wedding suppliers involved with their big day.

Dress – Enzoani

Bridesmaid Gowns – ASOS

Suit Hire -

Cake Maker- Marks and Spencers

Florist – Flowers from Marks and Spencers

Rings – Pykes Jewellers Chester

Photographer – Jade Maguire Photography

Make up – The Dolls house

Hair - Head office hair

Ceremony – Eccleston Church

Venue – Duttons wine bar Chester

Photo use and bride staying over – The Chester Grosvenor

Car – Chester Wedding Cars

Band – LukeBand of Denbigh





The best of 2016 wedding photography...

This last year (2016) I've had an absolute blast shooting so many epic weddings, pre-wedding shoots, cake smashes, newborns, and stunning families.

Every single wedding that I have been lucky enough to attend has been beyond epic, whether they have been my own weddings or second shooting for David Paul Photography, Richard Miller Photography, Sally Eaves Photography or Andy Hirst Photography, or even wedding workshops with the likes of Jonny Draper Photography every single moment has been equally as special to me.

I just wanted to say a huggggge massive thank you to every single person that I have photographed in 2016, I feel so honoured and very privileged to have been part of so many amazing memories. So the challenge has been selecting some of my most favourite images from 2016, it's been wonderful to look back at these images and reflect on my own personal journey too; so please enjoy these photos and here's to looking forwards to whatever 2017 is going to bring.

Emma & Stuart // Pre-wedding shoot in Chester

Hi Everybody,

Ok so this is one of my first blog posts about pre-wedding shoots, the thing is .... I absolute ADORE pre-wedding shoots / engagements shoots, (people like to call them different things but i'll stick with Pre-wedding as most people are engaged for longer periods of time now a days) My favourite type of pre-wedding shoots are those on a very cold and crisps winter Sunday morning with the most magnificent sun ever.

Emma and Stuart are tying the knot in January at a place which is very special to them.... for now I won't say any details... So keep your eyes peeled for their beautiful wedding day sneak peaks early on in 2017.

We opted to conduct their pre-wedding shoot in Chester City Centre, as their wedding is there plus they live there. So really there is no better place :-)  I truly love Chester for weddings and photoshoots, I think you can create some very magical imagery there. From cobbled streets, epic rows, historic features, rivers, bridges and stunning parks, this city has so much to offer for photography.

These guys are SO much fun, what more can you ask for than dancing in the spot light in beautiful historic locations. I literally can not wait for the beautiful wedding which will include some stunning twilight wedding photography...eekkk!

Here are some highlights from our time together on this epic pre-wedding shoot. Urban wedding photography at it's best :-)




Jennie & Simon // Lake Vrynwy Hotel Wedding // Elopement wedding photography

October saw a beautiful intimate and romantic wedding of Jennie and Simon at the stunning Lake Vrynwy Hotel & Spa.

Jennie and Simon opted for a very intimate wedding ceremony of only a handful of close family members including their beautiful two dogs Myla and Oscar.

I absolutely love weddings at the Lake Vrynwy Hotel, it's magnificent, the views are beyond breath taking.

check out these beautiful wedding photo's from their stunning day.

Winter Wedding Workshop // Belle Epoque // Manchester wedding photographer

Ok, so you may have read the blog post underneath this one to see that I've recently been investing a lot of time in myself and personal development.

This workshop by the super talented Jonny Draper was one I noticed first in 2015 and I was mad to go on It then, so after putting my name forwards I waited eagerly for the release of this. Boy am I glad I managed to get on this (it was a rapid sell out)

The purpose of this workshop was about creating stunning romantic and creative images at either night time or darker venues. Having many weddings next year which are either twilight or in dark venues this course was right up my street for pushing myself and learning something new.

Plus it was totally cool to hang out at the stunning Belle Epoque in Knutsford and meet up with other brilliant photographers.


Enjoy! x