A guide by an Alternative Wedding Photographer

So you are planning an Alternative Wedding?

As an alternative wedding photographer i see so many ‘photographers’ firing this buzz word around and you know what…. many of these that use this term, in my opinion aren’t an alternative photographer.

So is there any such thing as alternative any more?!

YES!!!!! YES there is!

I personally love an alternative wedding and i have shot so many of these to the point where i would actually say i specialise now in Alternative and Modern Weddings. I’ve shot in some of the most epic venues across the UK such as, Trafalgar Warehouse, West Mill , Whitworth Locke, Gwrych Castle, Five Four Studios, Camp Katur, The Asylum all but to name a few.

So you’re here because you’re looking for a Modern and Alternative Wedding Photographer, then you know what to do, enquire….enquire….enquire.

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