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About Me - Flintshires Alternative Wedding Photographer

Read about Jade Maguire the Flintshire Wedding Photographer and her love for Rustic, and alternative weddings in Cheshire and Beyond


WHAT THE..... I'm seriously psyched you wanna get to know more about me!

Let’s hit it… so I'm Jade (but you guessed that right)! I Live in North Wales in a quaint Welsh village called Pontybodkin, in a gorgeous Victorian house with a garden full of colourful flowers. My husband Mel is my partner in crime. He's a crazy ass guy just like me, and loves my stupid quirky ways. He drives me bloody insane (actually that’s an understatement) but I wouldn't swap him for the world… not even if Gerard Butler or Jamie Dornan came along I SWEAR!!!!

We have three dogs - Holly Frogs who is a King Charles Cavalier, who snores loudly but loves a pamper - when I get my hairdryer out, she's there expecting to have her hair styled too. Then there’s Bella-Bouvardere Glorisa and her baby Lily-Rose. They are Dachshunds, and are TOTALLY bonkers.

I have a huge passion for adventure and to live life a little differently, a little wildly. I like to be different, be free, be free from what people deem normal. A Big lover of beards and tatoos and still generally being a rebel … when mum says no to another tatoo, it has to be done! I’m a big dreamer, and a lover of following your dreams. I’m a lover of food, vegan food and tapas, in fact my most favourite tapas restaurant is a quaint outdoor restaurant nestled hidden away on the back streets of San Antonio – Ibiza, it’s so chilled and laid back, with twinkling fairy lights in an outdoor court yard. The food is beyond heavenly! Mel and I love to try to get to Ibiza as often as we can. My most favourite destination holiday I have EVER been to was a trip I took to Singapore and Bali… Bali, seriously stole my heart, and I can honestly say it is the only place I have been to so far where I just fitted in, I could be me… I could wear my bold hippie pants, I could swing from the trees in the jungle and ride the waves (ok I was a bit unsuccessful there but I thought I was cool AF), and eat vegan food until I was so full I thought I would pop. Indonesia… truly is amazing!

I love wildflowers, dogs, animals, hippy markets, incense sticks, polaroids and art - mostly Marilyn Manson (yep!) and Alberto Giaccometti. Most people have a travel bucketlist. I have a gin bucketlist. Literally a list of different gins from all over the world I want to try. I also have a little obsession with psychics. I hugely believe in ghosts, and enjoy going ghost hunting (I don’t do normal!). I am a lover of Dr Martens, Fedora hats, Skulls and tarot cards. I have fairies all around my house as I really believe they keep me afloat. I’m obsessed with discovering new vegan foods and wait for it....  the Rocky Horror Picture Show., you will quite often hear me saying the phrase ‘you’re lucky, I'm lucky, we’re all lucky’ with an awful cackle at the end, or hear me breaking out into ‘Sweet Transvestite’ … I wish I could say I am normal, but do you know what, this is normal enough for me!


Our wedding was a medieval banquet in a real castle, we had a jester who was beyond crude (he grew foam willies in his hand… we got some funny reactions to say the least) and had bright blue gin fuelled cocktails in pewter goblets. It was so much fun, i mean there's not many people who can say 'i had an ibiza style rave in a medieval castle'... well i can! I love shooting weddings that are free-spirited and a bit wacky (that way I can fit right in). I love the confetti throw – that moment of pure unfiltered happiness, and shooting people as they rock out on the dancefloor with pure abandon. I totally get the desire to have an untraditional wedding, to do things differently, because I too was one of those people, I truly was determined to have a wedding nan would hate… I guess I never dead get out of my rebel stage!


Shortly after my beloved nan passed away, my granddad pulled out his wedding album, you know the old fashioned kind you stick the images in yourself. It was beautiful, seeing the emotion, the rawness and tears rolling down his cheeks from losing his life long best friend, and the emotion of what he felt that day. Each and every photo triggered a memory for him that pulled on every single heartstring. Seeing him smile and stare at those images with so much love and devotion through teary eyes reminded me how much love really means, and how important it is to be able to have those memories forever.  I knew from then on what I was going to do was a gift!



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