What the…. I’m seriously psyched you wanna get to know more about me!

This is me… Jade… slightly introverted unless i know you…. a party starter, travel addict, major lover of dogs, obsessed with people not details, living in a constant daydream, massive believer in manifesting the life you want to live and a serious believer in universal energies, cosmic lessons and diving timing.

  • Holiday – Bali, i’ve been several times and i feel at home there, Ibiza for filling my heart with joy, one day i’ll move there.
  • Bucket List Holiday – adventure in Joshua Tree in a cabin with a tin tub to go star gazing, and, a road trip across India.
  • Music – Indie Rock, but I equally enjoy I bloody good weeks rave in Ibiza.
  • Fave artist – Fleetwood mac, Confidence Man, Sigur Ros
  • Fave Gig – Marilyn Manson (i’ve seen him 5 times), Confidence Man
  • Gigs i’ve rocked up – Marilyn Manson, Blink 182, Green Day, HIM, Sum41, Slipknot, Guns n Roses, Phoebe Bridgers, Arcade Fire, Confidence Man, High Flying Birds, Bonobo, Caribou, Sigur Ros… just to name a few.
  • Tipple – Gin. I have a gin bucket list, there is literally Gin from all over the world I want to try.
  • Shot of Choice – I’ve been known to randomly walk around with a tray of tequila…
  • Cats / Dogs – I stop and smile at dogs in the street forgetting there is an owner attached to their lead. I have two sausages, Bella Bouvardere Gloriosa and Lilliana Rose
  • Shop – Dr Martens, Zara, Brimstone, Selfridges
  • Diet – I’m a proud Vegan for an ever growing amount of years, don’t worry i’m not one of them preachy ones though…. Random but my brother likes to say …
  • Food – Indonesian, Malaysian, anything from that neck of the woods but I’m also a big traditional spanish Tapas lover!
  • Artist – Did you know Marilyn Manson was an unbelievable artist? Also Alberto Giacometti.
  • Flower – Lavender and Peonies and wait for it….cacti, my house is full of them
  • Crystal – Crystal collector and healer, i got my first crystal at age 6
  • Film – Rocky Horror Show (we all have the one cult following right)
  • Fave thing to do – Tarot cards, snuggle my poochies, watching Serial Killer Docs… and chill with a gin and some vinyl spinning
  • Interior Style – Bold boho vibes – think Ibiza boho style meets modern industrial charm, although my dream is to have a house purpose built and designed, that truly grounds me, by the amazing architect Robert Jamieson
  • Weird fact – not sure it’s fun, but I broke my toes with frozen potato waffles which has left me with an epic curly toe.
  • Fun fact – I’ve read Tarot since around the age of 13 (more years than i care to count now)
  • Interesting fact – my dad is from Singapore so that makes me half Singaporean
unique crystal ideas for your wedding day, written by the starseed collective, jade maguire photographys sister business.