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Let me guess, you’re thinking you want a wild party because it’s who you really are…?

You want a super modern and super alternative wedding?

But … you’re worried mum, dad or nan won’t approve?

Am I right?

Well here’s what I say to that…. fuck it!!! Listen up babes, this is YOUR god damn day, YOUR day for gods sake… you only do this once, and you should have the full day that totally represents you.

Now I have a way to truly say fuck it… but also put a smile on the faces of ALL your guests… and seeing every god damn person rocking out on that dance floor. Err silent disco??! Bet you never thought of that! So you can have multiple channels, one full of cheesy tunes, one full of old 70’s rock and the rest is full on modern party starters. This is exactly what Emily and Craig did last year at Constellations in Liverpool. Their whole day was about their love of music, festivals, live bands… but when it got to the party after having a load of live gigs, when it should be DJ time they switched to issue every single person a headset and let them mingle and do own whacky moves. Now I have to say it’s BONKERS to watch… like BONKERS but shit is it good!

So there’s my top tip, go for it, you do you…. Go for a silent disco, and just enjoy it, embrace the party, don’t feel held back because you need to play something the oldies will approve of, rock on, I promise this will go down an absolute treat with everybody and that dance floor will be packed all night!

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