welcome to an alternative storytelling way... Honest, edgy and bold wedding photography for those who wish to EMBRACE THE UN-TRADITIONAL


What do I want to achieve?:

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Well quite simply put, I want to be able to give you beautiful couples AMAZING memories that last a lifetime. When you look back at your pictures, showing your grandchildren in 40 years’ time, I want you to be able to entirely relive the emotions of that moment, relive what you felt; so to be able to give people that gift, I think is truly an achievement.

I would describe my style as a documentary approach (of course we couldn't shoot a wedding without that approach) but also a skilful approach of capturing the quirky, alternative messy moments, with cool relaxed portraiture, all teamed with unique editing style, that blends modern creations with good honest images.

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Of course I love ALL weddings, but i'm also very aware that my style probably isn't for everybody, so if you are wanting to throw away the rule book, if you have a wild heart a gypsy soul and your somebody who describes love as crazy belly roaring laughter rather than crazy formal forced posey kind of love, maybe you’re planning a non-traditional wedding, a magical elopement, a festival themed wedding; maybe you're planning on your wedding becoming an adventure, to celebrate something very alternative, rustic or maybe you’re having a real eclectic and bold wedding then I'd totally love to hear from you. I’m always looking for those people who love to break the norm, and live life slightly more wildly. 

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I want to escape somewhere new with you, explore, go on an adventure, and create something so unique for you that tells your romantic story through my camera. You're now here in the home of quirky wedding photography but please remember that It’s so important that a client and a photographer are a good fit for each other, so please have a look through my site, and if you’re ready to throw away that rule book, have some seriously fun wedding photography or some truly intimate and romantic wedding photography and want me to be part of your wonderful journey then I’d totally love to hear from you…

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